Graphic Novel

For the past month or three weeks, we have been working on graphic novels. Since I am a huge nerd I loved this unit I always wanted to make comics growing up with my dad’s comics and the Simpsons so now I had an excuse to write comics or graphic novels. So me and my partner Max a novel called Meeseeks rising. It is about a monkey going through jobs and ending up being the president. I did most of the illustrations while Max drew some people we are both very proud of our comic. I made my own comic strip called Dem Funniez my first issue is a parody of that scene in the movie seven my next comic will be about baby gifts. THE END


Restaurant field trip

Last week we went to this really good Spanish restaurant. It was kind of in the middle of nowhere but the food was really really good so it was worth it. I sat with Asher and Chase and they were really nice and not annoying. All the food was really good except for the fish or Pescado. There was this a noodles and steak and it was really really good and the chicken was the best chicken I’ve ever had in my life. We had to fill out the sheet and ask for table members a couple of questions and I thought I would fail but I didn’t I got everybody’s answers. There is also this weird juice stuff and it was purple and really really sweet but barely anyone at my table liked it besides Senor Johnson. Overall the restaurant was very very very nice and great food and I’ve spoken Spanish better than I do in class I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who likes Mexican food.

Capstone Kind of…

Yesterday I watched a lego brickumentary for capstone research because my capstone is about legos and child development and it has so much info and deserves all the awards that it earned. It was about lego Communities, Autism treatment, creativity, socializing and other things. You might be thinking “Ohhh Harry it’s just random clips (Scoff)” No it has clips but it has lots of animated parts to and animation is sooooo kewl (Exaggeration). The movie had 3 main plots the kid with speech disabilities plot, the lego Artist plot and the mom lego builder plot. The movie had much good information. It turns out that lego communities have their own language like AFOL is an adult fan of lego. The mom won the lego model at brickcon 3 years in a row BTW the model was from the hobbit. The kid with the disabilities got helped by Legos because it helped his communication skills and his plot was that he went to New York and saw the 1 million piece X-Wing Fighter. The Lego artist plot was about an artist who makes his things with Lego and the plot point was his exhibition and everyone looking at it and everyone that said it was good so that surprised him. Overall this movie was fantastic. It was great 10 out of 10 would movie again would highly recommend anyone in this universe.



Capstone Interview

Yesterday I had my capstone interview. I changed my project idea now I’m researching legos and child development. When I woke up I called the office in Denmark they told me to call the headquarters in the US specifically Boston. So when I went to school I called the Boston office right before PE. First, I called the wrong department and I needed to call lego education. The man was really helpful he answered most of my questions and the ones he didn’t answer I looked up. I learned that all lego is for education, they get feedback from schools and they help kids express themselves. In conclusion, this interview was extremely helpful and it answered a lot of important questions. I might go to Boston to get a tour of the headquarters I will definitely write about it.


PS I recorded the interview.