Tech #6

I finished my flashlight. I think its really good project. I had so much fun. Did i mention that the flashlight is water proof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats super duper cool my parents really like the flashlight.

tech #5

I started soldering my flashlight today it was very fun but very complicated. I messed up the positive and negative sides of the wire though it was preety fun. I liked making the switch and the circut

Tech #4

In class we just got introduced to the SAW. I tried to help my friends first with sawing. Sawing was very very very hard. But it was fun

Tech #3

I just started making the blueprint for my flashlight. its going to be around 3 inch long. We also learned about these kids who got stuck in a cave in thailand and that was kinda really scary

Tech #2

Hi again!!!!. I just started making my solder person. He is going to be a person holding a squash racquet. Solder is so cool!! I like how it melts on the table