May 9

Capstone Interview

Yesterday I had my capstone interview. I changed my project idea now I’m researching legos and child development. When I woke up I called the office in Denmark they told me to call the headquarters in the US specifically Boston. So when I went to school I called the Boston office right before PE. First, I called the wrong department and I needed to call lego education. The man was really helpful he answered most of my questions and the ones he didn’t answer I looked up. I learned that all lego is for education, they get feedback from schools and they help kids express themselves. In conclusion, this interview was extremely helpful and it answered a lot of important questions. I might go to Boston to get a tour of the headquarters I will definitely write about it.


PS I recorded the interview.



April 20

Choosing a topic

Choosing a topic


Today, I chose a topic and a made my main question for Capstone. Capstone is when you research something you are interested in. My inquiry question is how have dogs been breed in the past 100 years to change their appearance and how can we use that information to make dogs have better immune systems.  My question is a 3.5 rating which is very good. It took me so long to find a topic it was crazy. The way I came up with was that I watched a video on YouTube talking about how breeders change the dogs to look cuter. Then I chose sub-questions, my questions are simple like how dogs get cloned or what deformities can dogs have. They’re probably many YouTube videos and many books about this. So I think it will be easy to get more sources.