Why I Do Not Like Spring🌷🌱🌷

Most people like spring and you reading this yes you probably like spring. Spring is the most popular season in the United States. Most people see Spring as flowers and rainbows. But I see spring as allergies and bees. I will explain spring in a metaphor. “Spring is like New Jersey and summer is New York, New York is better”. During spring most people get allergy attacks and have symptoms like Runny nose, vomiting, itchy eyes, swelling and even strokes. Last spring at my old school someone had an allergy to bees he got stuck and his neck completely swelled and he had to go to the ER. In spring the weather is only warm for about a month and the rest is cold. Finally adjusting to the warm weather is hard. when its been cold for four months you are always hot in your bed clothes school until you get adjusted in a month. In conclusion, I don’t like to spring it is not my favorite.