Rube goldberg project PART:1

Five days ago I got assigned my Rube Goldberg project. So far it is great! But before I talk whats a rube Goldberg a rube Goldberg is a bunch of machines performing a simple task. When I got my assignment I drew my sketch right when I got home. Then for the next four day, I just gathered wood blocks for the project. After it was Saturday and I started to build but I didn’t realize I had so much room.  So I completely redesigned my project. So far I have build four steps, And I think my project will be epic.



Stop motion project

In the computer lab we are doing a stop motion animation project. For those who don’t know stop motion animation is when you take lots of pictures to form a movie. My stop motion has a assassin trying to hurt a bad guy. It’s very difficult in a group because we had to agree on a theme, and you don’t have full creative control. It’s also difficult because the camera’s are not very movable so we can’t get very complex angle’s. Even though I’ve done stop motion before this animation seem’s far more difficult than making my old animations. I am also working with my friends but I think that’s harder because we might start goofing off. In conclusion my stop motion project is very difficult but I will make it out alive.

Constitution Project

For the past week i have been working on my constitution project. I have to make a slide show on the signing of the constitution by Thomas  P rossiter. I am  half way through the the project. I listed the backround of the painter  and the backround of the painting.