Rube goldberg project: Part 4

If you haven’t read my previous blog posts you will not understand this one. Recently I finished building my Rube Goldberg project. now that I was finished building we’re on to the second most fun part. Filming! The problem with filming is that you have to take like 1 billion takes though. One time only the end of my project didn’t work. Now my project still has problems with the end and it is super annoying.



Rube goldberg project part:2

On Saturday I started building my rube Goldberg project. I built the first two steps. The plan was a car goes down a pipe then hit dominos. First I had to figure out how to hold up the tube and I figured out how to do it. A Hot wheels track holder! So I attached the tube and the holder with wall tacky. Then the dominos I just made it into an elbow shape and it was all good.




End of part:2

El Deafo

Lately I have been re-reading my favorite book El deafo. The book is about Cece Bell who is deaf. When she was six she moved to a different neighborhood. She went to  a school for the deaf but then switched. She makes a friend but  her friend is very mean. She gets her dog to bite her and she said she is  better than her. Then she makes a new friend Ginny. Ginny is nice and funny but cece gets annoyed with how ginny talks she gets really mad and makes Ginny cry.



That all I read so far