3rd Grade Blog Commenting Practice

This post is so 3rd graders can learn how and why to use the commenting feature, and to post some practice comments.


3rd graders, don’t forget to use the Blog Commenting checklist before you submit your comment.


Please leave a comment about blogging. Do you like it? Does it interest you? Are you bored by it? Leave a short, quick response, comment to let me know.

27 thoughts on “3rd Grade Blog Commenting Practice

  1. I like your post about commenting because you did not just write boring words. You should talk more about why we to use the commenting checklist. You should also talk about why we should go to your blog and read about commenting.

  2. This was very good but you should add more because it was a little boring but I liked how you showed how to comment on post.

  3. I like blogging because I really want to share with the world! And sometimes I want to just want to share with my friends!

  4. Blogging is very fun and interesting because I get to different stuff and do new stuff that I couldn’t do before.

  5. I think it is cool that I have a blog because I can post stuff but it can get boring to type a lot. Over all I think it is fun to have a blog.

  6. I think the this blog post is really helpful for third grade commenting because it shows third graders how to comment correctly.

  7. I like blogging because you can post things and share them with people but I don’t really like typing. For the most part it’s cool.

  8. I think this blog post will help me to remember how to comment, and maybe I will remember how to comment from this for the rest of my life! So thanks (:

  9. Blogging can be cool because you get to show things to your friends, but I also don’t like it because your hands get tired after typing. Blogging is fun.

  10. I think this comment really helped me, because it mite even help me for the rest of my life! So thanks for teaching me this (:

  11. I think blogging can be hard because problems can happen. I also think it can be fun because you get to show your work!

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