Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!


A lot has changed, and we are working through the growing pains of this new reality. There are tech quirks and updates still being pushed out.


A few quick points of note:

  • Chromebooks
    • if you get an error when connecting to home wifi, log out once you log the student out, connect to your wifi then log the student in
  • iPads
    • connect to your home wifi just as you would any iOS device
    • apps may still be installing and updating plug it in and leave it on overnight
  • Sept 10 Zooms
    • if a teacher emailed the link to the parents, use that link.
    • After 9/10 we will be having students log themselves in to Zoom, but for this first event, especially in the lower grades, we wanted to keep the parents in the loop
  • Calendar
    • Class Zoom links will begin populating there next week.
    • We are finalizing details and schedules.
    • If your child doesn’t have any Zoom links on their Calendar just yet, don’t fret, they’ll be there before 9/17.
  • Zoom
    • this year students will sign in to Zoom using the “sign in with SSO” option
    • click SSO, type scarsdaleschools into the blank SSO box (the full url is scarsdaleschools.zoom.us)
    • enter the student’s full @scarsdaleschools.org address
    • enter the password
    • detailed tutorial on every grade level page of the HeathocteGateway

There are more tech questions, no doubt, but I do not want to overwhelm you with information right now.

For detailed tutorials on all services please check the HeathcoteGateway and find your child’s grade under the “Tech Instructions” menu.

This blog will also post duplicates of tutorials and more on-going information.

Keep in mind, Sept 10 and 11 are opportunities for your children to meet their teachers but they are also days that will allow us to troubleshoot and smooth out the technical quirks before instruction begins on 9/17. So please bear with us as we use the next few days to solve all the technical issues and ensure your child is good to go for the follow week.

More info to follow. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @heathcotetech where I tweet out updates and notifications about new resources when I publish them.

Feel free to email any time.

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