Responsible Use Policy – Grades 2-5

The Responsible Use Policy is a document that outlines, for all Scarsdale Schools users (teachers and staff alike) appropriate use guidelines for using district devices, accounts, and services.

Every year I do this lesson with the students, usually in big grade-level groups, where we can talk about it, ask questions, and have a general back and forth about the rules and expectations. Student then take home a document summarizing the lesson and they sign it, along with their parents.

That is not possible this year.

Instead, I have created a video going over the Responsible Use Policy. There is also a form to fill out once students have watched the video to acknowledge they have viewed it, a digital signature of sorts.

So, 2-5th graders, here is your assignment…

  1. Watch the RUP video below
  2. Then look at the presentation below the video
    1. go to the Digital Citizenship section of the presentation (slide 24) and watch the videos on the Digital Citizenship slides (25 and 26)
  3. Review the Responsible Use Policy with your parents
  4. Review the Online Accounts Agreement with your parents
  5. Fill out the Form to let me know you have done all of the above

You will find the video, presentation, and form below…

Responsible Use Policy video

Responsible Use Policy presentation

Responsible Use Policy form

students must be logged in to their accounts to access and submit this form

Let me know if you have any questions!

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