5th Grade Ignites – 2020 Edition

This year 5th graders will be doing Ignite-style talks throughout the year. The talks will be about various topics and curriculum experience, designed to inform and inspire their audience about what they have learned and experienced.

In preparation for these Ignite talks, 5th graders will be reviewing a lot of Ignite talk examples, from professionals and fellow students alike.

Here are some examples:

Ignite Talks


Here is my Ignite, done on stage in front of an auditorium of teachers.

Before I did the Ignite I created my Ignite Script:

And here is a 2nd version of the same talk, done a few years later…

Student Assignment

  1. Watch the examples above
  2. Think about a topic that relates to you
    1. favorite sport and why
    2. favorite items in your house
    3. meaningful experience
    4. someone you look up to and why
    5. etc…
  3. Then create your narrative and edit and revise it into your script using the Ignite Scrip template your teacher has added to your Drive.
    1. you can erase my example text in the Narrative and Script sections
  4. Focus on the Script, the Doc
    1. time yourself
    2. no images, just descriptions of images
    3. by Lesson 2 you script should be written, rehearsed, and well-timed

The first task is the narrative and the script, pictures come later…

Click here to make a copy of the script template

An Ignite is about telling a story. Students will eventually tell many stories of learning, but they will first tell a simple story about something of meaning to themselves.

There will be more lessons and blog posts to follow…

Have fun!

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