5th Grade Ignites – Part 2 – 2020 Edition

5th graders,

In the last blog post you were working on creating a script for your Ignite.

This post deals with creating the slides.

Keep in mind, Ignite Talks are not a special software. Ignite Talks are a style of presenting information. Instead of using a slide show with bullet points you read off of, the Ignite slides are simple, clean, and auto-advance every 15 seconds.

When you make your slides keep a few things in mind:

  • Make them blank, no template
    • we don’t need a template, a simple, clean, blank white presentation is fine
    • no rainbows, unicorns, or fireworks, let the focus be your words
  • Create blank slides
    • for the Title Slide put your title
    • for the 2nd slide put 2 for your title
    • for the 3rd slide put 3 for your title
    • for the 4th slide put 4 for your title
    • for the 5th slide put 5 for your title
    • Leave the “click to add text” boxes empty
  • Add a 6th slide with the title “Time is Up!”
    • this will serve as a visual cue that your presentation is over
  • Paste each section of your script from your Script doc into the Speaker Notes seciton of your slides
    • this will help you to begin to visualize what image you want on each
  • Practice presenting with the timings
    • click present
    • click the gear
    • choose Auto-Advance”
    • choose 15 seconds
    • click Play

After you have rehearsed a few times where the presentation moves, and you se the slide numbers change you will feel more comfortable about the pacing and timing. Edit and review your script again if need be.


For adding images

  • 1 image per slide
  • Use Insert -> Image -> Search the web
  • Center it

Your slides should look clean so your audience can focus on your words.

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

You’ll delete the number on the slide at the end.

Here is a playlist of tutorials about Ignite presentations

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