Colonial America – P2 -Persona

I am a Soldier in the Militia. My mom died from birth so me and my dad came to the new World he was a Militia until he died in an ambush. I grew to be a Militia in order to protect the colony from attacks. I keep my colony safe by patrolling the grounds of the colony and by making shore everyone is following the rules. When I have free time in the colony I use it on helping the Blacksmith or by playing games. I need to be prepared for anything at all times for anything to happen to me and my colony. My job as a militia is a hard job but I will never quit it and I will always love it.

My goals for 2018 – 2019

I am going to be hoping to be making goals this year to help me get over fears or stuff I don’t like or to inprove my self. I am going to list all of my goals for this year.

  1. Try new foods.
  2. Go on a roller coaster with a flip.
  3. Get better at math.
  4. Be good and don’t get in trouble.
  5. Not to waste money on video games a lot.
  6. Spend less time on electronics.
  7. Do my home work before TV or I PAD.
  8. Remember to bring my home work to my house or to bring it back to school.

class coins


Coins in my class are very cool and right now I thinck that I have the most and I am going to list some of things that you can get from coins are really cool like:

  • for 15 coins you can get :extra chrome book time or reading time
  • for 20 coins you can get:lunch or breakfast with teacher
  • for 25 coins you can get :homework pass

So they are super duper cool!😁

(Fact: I was the one that chose extra chrome book time as a choice.)

Also I already know what I am going to chose.

I am going to chose lunch or breakfast with teacher cause it is really cool and it is my favorite thing on the list.

My Expert Book – Roblox

I have been playing Roblox for a year and I learnd that it is really hard to make and post a new blog post. Also, I chose the topic of doing Roblox because I think that it is a really fun game and I hope you start playing since it is a free game. I hope you enjoy.

The First Time I went Fishing .


One time I was on a boat on the coast of California. I caught a shark, it was 100 feet away and about 1000 feet deep.  It took me 10 minutes to reel him in.  He was a bad boy and almost got away.  It was at the look-out tower, so the shark was even further.  The shark was super slimy.  

After I caught the most fish we drove back to the docks.  On the way there I saw a US coast Guard ship, boat, and helicopter, as well as a submarine and a bomb.  

Once we were back there was super slimy, bloody, and smelly fish.

I said, “Dad, those are 10’ tuna”,

Then my dad said, “Wow”.  

Just then the man that was working there asked me to wash the blood off the floor and that was cool.