Roblox Ventureland

Ventureland is a really fun game in roblox because you have a car that can turn int to a plane or a boat and you have an apartment. There is a roller coaster that can take you across the map but there are parts of the roller coaster and to switch in between them  you need to drive across and then you go to the next part.



FORTNITE is the best game in the world!!! So Fortnite is a Battle Royale game. A Battle Royale game is when you skydive and land on a island and you fight. And then the storm comes. The storm eye gets smaller and smaller. the last one standing wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The State Test

The state test is a test were all of the New York state is doing the test. It took me 30 minutes to take the test. It was the 24 multiple choice. It was so boring when I had to wait for the whole class to end the state test because I had to read. Tomorrow will be the short response and the essay.

Im a 4th grader!!!

YAY I’m a 4th grader. Being a 4th grader is harder than being a 3rd grader because there are harder math problems and longer books to read. Math is harder in 4th grade because we are learning about coordinate grids and temperature.  The good thing is that we have our own aquarium. The fish that are In the aquarium are pond snails and mosquito fish. The mosquito fish are small and cute. The pond snails are very slow. My teacher is Mr Reilly. He is a very funny teacher.

I Love This!

Do you have a fidget spinner? If you don’t have one, it is like carrying a small UFO. In the middle you have a hole with a cap that you can take off. Hold the cap and spin it. It goes very fast. I watched a video of someone spinning 5 fidget spinners and  he said it makes you focus! I like fidget spinners because it is fun to watch how fast it spins. I feel happy when I hold it. Let me know if you buy or have one on the comment section!


I think that Sweethearts candies should be the official Valentine’s Day candy. I believe this for four good reasons.

First, they are fun because they have a message. Sweethearts are a candy and a card in one.

Second, they can be modern. Because their sayings change, they can say things that are popular now, such as “e-mail me” or “text me.”  Maybe they can even do emojis.  ; )

Third, they are popular.  As people enjoy eating 8 billion Sweethearts each year, they are already the best selling Valentine’s Day candy.

Fourth, they are sweet but because they have less sugar, they are healthier than other candies.

For these reasons Sweethearts are the best choice for the official Valentine’s Day candy!