Answering My Inquiry question essay

Answering my inquiry essay was very fun! I thought it turned out super well! Here it is

Is Barbie a good role model to younger kids and how has Barbie changed over the years?

by Hannah


Mattel is not just a toy company, it is the company of the most popular toy, the Barbie doll. Barbie has been one of my favorite toys since I got my first one when I was four years old. .

        My main inquiry question is, “Is Barbie a good role model, and how has her image changed over the years?”  Before starting my research, I felt a little that Barbie was not the best role model. Now I have research to back it up with, and I completely think Barbie is not a good role model.

Barbie was the first mass-produced doll with adult features in the United States. The doll made its debut at the New York City Toy Fair in 1959. Since then the doll has gone through many changes. In recent years, Mattel has tried to make more ethnically diverse Barbies with its role models collection, which is a very good change, they still got criticized because the change was very limited.  For example, in 2016 they made a Frida Kahlo Barbie, but people complained she “barely had a unibrow” and besides her art, Frida Kahlo was known for her unibrow.



An example that Barbie is not a good role model is that she makes girls want to change the way they look, to look like her. In 1965, the Slumber Party Barbie came out, with some accessories including a weight scale permanently set to 110 pounds. Also they had a book called “ How To Lose Weight” including words saying “DON’T EAT!!!”

The reason kids want to look like Barbie is because she is so perfect! Barbie has blue eyes, blonde hair, and a skinny body. Who wouldn’t want to look like Barbie? But the desire to look as perfect as Barbie can have seriously negative effect. According to Danielle Shelov, a clinical psychologist I interviewed, the unrealistic expectations of the perfet Barbie and other images, like ads with skinny skinny models, have a terrible effect on young girls who starve themselves to look perfect. It is not surprising that trying to look like Barbie is unhealthy. If you put her sizes into human sizes, she would fit the weight criteria for anorexia. Anorexia is an eating disorder, caused by starvation. Mattel only made different Barbie sizes in 2016. Many people were complaining it was too late.


How has Barbie’s body image changed over the years? There have a been a lot of changes to Barbie.

When Barbie was introduced in 1959,  her eyes were not looking straight, she had very fair skin, and her hair was tied back. At first people actually thought she looked too mature for kids.

In 1961 she had a new haircut, a “Bubble Cut,” her eyes still gazed to the side, her lips became lighter, and her eyebrows became softer. Her body didn’t really change at that time.

In 1967 Barbie’s hair became slick and straight, and her eyes became more round with rooted eyelashes. In the 1970s

Barbie’s hair got longer, and her mini skirts from the 1960s were replaced with long flowing maxi skirts. In 1971 Malibu Barbie was released. She had a smile with teeth. But by 1972 her smile with teeth was gone. In 1981 she got a curly bob.

It wasn’t until 1980 that Mattel introduced “Colored Francie.” That’s twenty one years after she was first introduced.

By 1998 her chest got smaller, her waist got bigger, and her toes were flattened.

In the 2000s she got a belly button and her hips started to widen.

Those are a ton of changes Barbie has gone through! Not to mention the big change that happened in 2016 when Mattel made different Barbie body sizes.

However, Barbie has not just changed physically; her career has also changed. Mattel made new types of Barbie in 2018 like the “Career Barbie” which included a beekeeper, a tennis player, and many more. Mattel also had a “Career of the Year” Barbie in 2018 which was a robotics engineer to increase the diversity of careers that they were being shown to young girls.

Mattel also made the “Fashionista’s Line” and “Role Models Line,” which included the first Muslim American athlete to compete with a hijab and a Frida Kahlo doll. Some of the dolls are dressed by some very famous fashion designers.

In conclusion, my goal was to tell you the answer to, “Is Barbie a good role model, and how has she changed over the years?” From the information I gathered, while Mattel has made ethnically diverse Barbies and Barbies with careers, she is still not a good role model because she advertises an unrealistic body image.


Site Visit

For my site visit, I was meant to do it on Tuesday, but I got sick, so I had to do it on Saturday. I decided to go to FAO Schwartz. If you don’t know what it is, it is a very big toy store that sells so many toys. First I went in with my mom, we looked around a lot. Until we went to the Barbie section. We looked at all the levels, until we went to the last level, we saw a small corner. That was all Barbie!

Even though it was a small corner, it was filled with so many Barbies! They had a lot of the vintage Barbies, they also had characters of Wrinkle In Time. We also got to see the birthday wishes Barbie, and the Quinceanera Barbie. We also got to see the career of the year Barbie! Which was a Robotics Engineer. I thought that was very cool. We saw many different career barbie’s like the Ice Skater, The Beekeeper and the Tennis player, and the Pop star. We also got to see a Barbie signature which was designed by Iris Apeel. There also was a Barbie Mod Friends  kit witch had 3 of the oldest Barbie’s from 1968. We also saw a Barbie collector gold label. My favorite one was the Proudly Pink. We also got to see the Barbie fashionista line. That was very cool! It had the Petite Regular Curvy and tall. I got to see the barbie’s that they sell now. When I was little I used to have so many barbies.

I ended up getting lots, and lots of information. By just getting a closer looks at the Barbies. Witch was so interesting. I had a very fun day doing my site visit, I hope I can visit again.


I have been sick two days, so I haven’t been able to do my site visit, but i’m doing that on Friday. Last night 5/28/19 I was doing my interview. At 8:00 pm The person I was interviewing Danielle Shelov, a clinical psychologist, She has a very busy schedule, with up to 20 patients a day! So I had to interview her when she got home.

I decided to interview her because, she is one of my moms closets friends. She was over one night and my mom realized she is a clinical psychologist and works with eating disorders and thing like that. In my Presentation i’m going to be adding a lot about girls having eating disorders, because there not happy with the way they look. I knew Danielle knew A LOT about that kind of stuff. I also knew I need a lot more information. I got some really good information about it. My interview went super well and i’m really happy with it.

Capstone #2 Crafting a main Inquiry and Sub Questions

A little after we found our Capstone topics, Mrs. Edwards had told us about Inquiry questions. An Inquiry question is a big question about your topic that you going to base everything off. When we started I jotted down ideas I could do, I knew I wanted to do something like, is Barbie a good role model, or something about her body image. I first I jotted down is Barbie a good influence on kids. After with help I changed it to to what extent is Barbie a good role model to younger kids. The next week I showed it to Mrs. Edwards she said “work on it, a little more” So I did and I my final inquiry question is how has Barbie’s image changed over the years and is she a good role model?

Now we were moving on to sub questions which is a pair of questions related to your topic. I did some questions like is Barbie a feminist role model, how has her body image changed over the years. After I showed it to Mrs Edwards and we changed my sub questions to What is the history of the Barbie doll? What have been the main changes to how Barbie looks? In what ways is Barbie a good role model? In what ways is Barbie a bad role model? How popular is Barbie with girls today and how does it compare to her popularity over the years? How can Barbie be improved to be the best role model possible? Making inquiry question was actually quite simple, I just made questions to do with my topic. Than me and Mrs. Edwards made some changes. I am so excited for my interview and site visit! It is all going super well so far.


Capstone #1 – Choosing a Topic

Last week  Mrs. Cooper came in our class telling us about Capstone. When I was going into fifth grade I was mostly nervous and excited for Capstone so when I found out we were starting Capstone I was beyond excited to start. Capstone is a project based on a topic you are interested in and you want to spend two months rescreaching, studying on. I had therapy dogs in mind because I love dogs and I am really interested in service dogs and therapy dogs. I also wanted to do the internet and how it works something like that.

Later Mrs Edwards  told us about it and we had to choose our topic, I chose therapy dogs and we had to make questions that go in columns like science Geography things like that. I did questions like How long does therapy dog training take. Later on, we were looking at examples and one person did Barbie! I thought that it would be interesting if i did something like is barbie a good role model so I decided to do that. I can’t wait to keep going!

blog post #4 making the video

I am in the middle of making my Adobe spark video, it’s really fun! I have been sick for 3 days, so I haven’t been well to go to school, so I haven’t finished it yet. I’m working really hard on it. The planner has helped me organize my spark video. I have planned 13 slides and 3 off them are finished. They have a title, narration, photo,  and other things.I’m planning on working on it alot today,  and this week and I will try to finish it this week.  In my first couple of slides I say things like: immigration is when you leave a country and enter a new one. My first slide says This is Elisa’s immigration story. I am so excited to see how my video turns out so far it’s really fun making!

Blog post #5 immigration reflection

Earlier, I finished my immigration video! I worked really hard on it and I thought it was super fun.I ran into some I ran into some issues like I had to redo my voice over 3 times. Because it wasn’t loud enough so I had to re do it. But finally…  I got it.Other than that I thought it was so fun doing because I got to learn about My grandma’s immigration story. And I really enjoyed putting in pictures and writing my grandma’s immigration story. When i watched back I thought it was really interesting!

immigrant interview-3: Conducting immigrant interview

I had to do my interview on facetime, because my grandma was  going to be in australia. I did the whole interview and I thought it was really good, and it went  really smoothly. I recorded it on screen record. But when I looked back at it, I saw it had only recorded the screen!  So I had to remember to do it.

I ended up doing the interview on Sunday night. Though this time my mom recorded it on her phone so she could send it to me. The interview went so well I can’t wait to do more.

Immigrant Interview – 2: Adobe Spark video.


Our computer teacher Mr.Casal showed us a new platform called Adobe spark. He taught us how to use it, how the futures work etc…..) It is really cool. The last couple of sessions we practicing using Adobe spark we also learned how to do the Adobe Spark posts to add. Mr. Casal told us that is what we are going to edit our Immigration interview.

We had practice on a Rube Goldberg one we made. We have been working on that one, for the last couple of sessions. We learned to put in narration, text,  pictures themes and more! I think this platform is really cool and going to be really fun to make our video on!

interview #1 preparing for immigrant interview

We got given a packet. It was an Ellis Island packet. It was about, when people emigrated from europe to Ellis Island. We ended up studying a lot about it.When we had finished our Immigration packet, our teacher told us we would have a immigration project! Our assignment was we had to interview an immigrant and make a video on it.  

I called my grandma asking her if she knew who I could interview my grandpa said I could do my step great-grandma but the problem was she wasn’t alive anymore but her son knew a lot about her experience she also wrote an autobiography about it. I ended not being aloud to do her because she isn’t alive. So my grandma said I could do her, But she isn’t a full immigrant. But I could still do her. She wasn’t a full immigrant because she came to america from Australia because her dad was part of the UN.. (united nation) But I am going to do her. I think I will do my interview this weekend.

Here are my questions.

Interview Questions