This year my class is making bottle rockets and we are going to launch them on Tuesday, November 1, 2016. So far my group has done well even though we mess around a little. We are going to 3d print a nose cone for our rocket but the first time we tried to print it the 3d printer failed. My group has everything ready except for the nose cone. We need to glue the wings on and glue the nose cone. We are so exited to launch our rockets. Even our sub teacher wants to go see our rockets. While we were doing this project I learned how to calculate how high something is by knowing an angle. That is how we will know how high our rockets go. The device we will use is called a clinometer. there will be two clinometer readers north of the rocket and two south of the rocket. For the launch I will be launching my group’s rocket.



Why is my dog afraid of me

I have a dog named Aubie. We named him after the auburn mascot because my mom went to auburn. He is a golden doodle and he is so fluffy. He really likes to play and he doesn’t like it when my family leaves the house. That is usually his nap time. He also does some really weird things like if you put your arms straight out he will do either two things. He will either run as fast as he can at you and jump on you or he might run as fast as he can away from you. I don’t know why he does this but it is funny. Another thing he does is he can jump really high like a cat. I think he might actually be half cat. one more funny thing he does is he bites his tail, I have heard of dogs that chase there tail but I don’t think they bite it. Aubie can be really energetic at some times or he could be really tired and sleepy. My dog is one of the best dogs in the world and I would recommend getting a dog that is not to big to anybody