Music Response

Yesterday I finished a project in music where we used garage band and made our own songs and tried to make them sound like jaws. This is my Reflection.

I liked the garage band project because we got to use the ipads. I didn’t Use my EKG because I think that mine is is very inaccurate. It was fun to use garage band because you get to be creative.

Here is a link to my song.


Expert Lecture #5

Today Jackie Bastardi from Curious on Hudson came in and talked about mechanical  engineering. It was so interesting. In the beginning she talked about why she became a mechanical engineer. Later She talked about a lot of fun things she gets to do as an engineer. And at the end she showed my class how to make a kazoo out of straws, popsicle sticks, paper, and rubber bands. That’s all that you need. Also the kazoos worked really well and made a cool noise! I had a lot a lot of fun in this expert lecture and I look forward to the next one! đŸ™‚

The kazoos looked a little like this.