Capstone Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions

For capstone, we don’t just have to research a topic, but you also have to research a main inquiry question and 5-7 sub questions.

My main inquiry question is “how does google influence people’s daily lives today”. My original question was “what makes google so popular?”. But after a little revision I got “how does google influence people today”, but again I decided that that wasn’t good enough. Luckily, I got a little help from my teacher Ms. Boyer and my final question is “how does google influence people’s daily lives today?” and that, I decided was a good question so I stuck with it. 😉 My sub questions are “when was google started?”, “what is next for google?”, “What are some of google’s biggest rivals?”, “How many people go to google search every day?”, and ” what is PageRank?”

Capstone choosing a topic

Every year the whole 5th grade in the district does a huge research project called capstone. Each student has to pick a topic and research that topic and put together a slideshow or a mini movie for our final creation.

For capstone I chose my topic to be Google. I chose this topic because I am interested in technology and interested in google so I decided to pick the topic of google. Did you know that google was originally called backrub? Google is a great topic and that is why I picked it for capstone. 😉