Culutral universal- South Korea

In social studies we studied cultural universals.  These universals include : politics, social aspects, beliefs, economics and cultural arts. I worked with a partner to create a tour guide comic book of  South Korea. Here is our final project. hope you enjoy.!!!!!!


Final blog post.


My question was if I plant a plant with no fertilizer pellets will grow taller than a plant with fertilizer pellets. My hypothesis was that it will grow taller than a plant with fertilizer could. Everyday, I would get our quads, a paper towel, a water cup with a pipet. With our eyes, my group and I would make observations. After making observations, I would talk with my partners about changes that happened. Then we would write down our notes using scientific vocabulary. Next we would water our quads. Finally we would clean up our materials and return our quads to the watering table.

The average amount that my plant grew is 2 cm a day the color of our plant was mostly green until the plants life came to an end. My hypothesis was correct our experimental plant grew taller than our control plant. Our control plant died when it was only 9 cm tall. That is weird I wonder if it died because it drowned because we watered it too much. Our seed pods were about 1-2 inches long I wonder how many seeds are in our pods.

I learned that pollination is when pollen get’s carried from one flower to another. I learnded that photosynthesis is using light to put things together. If you want to know what the plant circle of life is read on. The plant circle of life is first there is a seed you plant that seed, then you water it the first root comes out that is called germination, then a stem pokes out of the ground t starts growing wile it grows taller leaves start to grow, then a flower grows and seed pods start to grow and produce seeds.