The worst day of my life.

It was the last month of school my day was going perfectly. The bell rang we all ran out of school. We were all so excited to go to the playground everyone was running into there cars and telling their parents to go to the playground as fast as they could all my friends were going to be there with me.

When we got to the park we saw saw so much to do there were swings, monkey bars. A couple minutes later I saw some people playing soccer so I sat on a wall that happened to have a good view of the game and my brother was there too so a couple minutes later my brother pinched me in the butt and I fell off the wall and landed on my wrist I started to cry so I went home and I cried and cried until my dad got home so he rushed me to the hospital. They doctor said my wrist was broken but the good thing was that my cast was waterproof so I could go to pools but not the beach my summer was ruined!!!!

One thought on “The worst day of my life.

  1. I love how you added more than one problem in the story. I also like how you told a lot of very important information.

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