Interview blog post #4

When i was doing my second and final blog post i made sure nothing was messed i use 2 phones for recording and a computer for typing. That made it a lot easier because if one of the answers was messed up i could go back and look at the recording and see what the real answer was. When i was doing my interview i had to do a lot of typing and if you don’t believe me look down there.


  • What is your birthday


  • Where were you born

Baku , soviet union

  • Why did you leave

Muslim, father jew, political refugees

  • How old were you when you left


  • What were you feelings about leaving your country

A Lot of friends sad to leave another part looking forward to leaving because war

  • Did you leave any family behind? Who did you leave

Grandparents uncle aunt three kids

  • Did you leave anything behind that you wanted to bring? What did you leave

Nothing father journalist and respected

  • Was there anything special about the journey

First went to austria 3 months

  • Was there anything bad about the journey

It was hard for parents huge adjustment rome and italy conditions rough

  • were you feeling about the statue of liberty

Breathtaking pride and freedom

  • What were you feeling when you arrived in america

Overwhelming everything is so big

  • When you got to america did you go to school

Graduated in soviet union started school at 6 for ten years

  • Describe What was your first job you had in america

Worked at a nursing home as a recreational therapist


How did you come

By Plane

Interview blog post #3

When I was doing my interview it went all good into the end i had all the questions done but then i go to see my recording it overlapped.  Oh Oh i’m going to have to do it again. But this time i am going to do it with two phones so if one gets messed up i have a backup.

Interview Blog Post#1 Who am I Going to Interview

When I was first figuring out who i was going to interview i had no clue who to interview. I first asked my parents if they new anybody in are family who was a immigrant but nobody in are family was a immigrant. Then i asked my mom if she new anybody and she thankfully knows a lot of people so i ended up picking my moms friend yelena granovsky. She is a immigrant from russia.  

Interview Question – Interview: #2

When I was making my interview questions for my interview it was pretty easy. Mrs.Edwards made it easier for us because she gave us a sample sheet with sample questions. It was easier because if I had to make 15 questions by myself i don’t know what i do.

I also had my friends they gave me ideas and i built of of those ideas. Some of my questions were where did you arrive, how old were you when you came to america, etcetera.

Here are my questions: