Passion project #3

For my plan i am going to take a baseball apart and use the leather for a new baseball. Once i start making the new baseball and it is done i am going to sew the leather together so i stays together. If all goes as planned i will use it as a real baseball.

Tech Post #2

Last week we learned about the periodic table and how on the top right of the element there is a number and that number is how man protons are in the element. On Friday 22, it was human rights day, human rights day is were we celebrate having are human rights.  On human rights day somebody came to talk to us about it. This person created the donation company called pajama program. The pajama program donates pajamas to kids who are less fortunate then us and do not have pajamas. They also donate to kids who do not have books and give them books.

Tech post #1

So far tech has been like most classes in the first week(not the first week right now). Mr.calvert has told us about all of the tools and all of the rules the classic first week of school classroom. There are a bunch of really cool tools like the soldering iron, jig saw, and drill press. In addition to all of that we played a game called breakout edu. In. This game Mr.Calvert but the safety goggles in a box and looked it up. He then told us we had to open the box. My team had to look for clues and open the box. My team opened the box in only 29 minutes isn’t that amazing(sarcasm). The rules are:

1. Think before you act

2. Tie long hair back, no baggy clothes and dangling jewelry

3. Don’t assume you know before training

4. No talking when using machinery

5. Protect your eyes always

6.before using a machine get permission, instruction, and inspect machine

7. Use all guards when using machines

8. Power tools are dangerous

9. Soldering irons are dangerous be careful.

10. Sharp objects are dangerous be careful

11. Walk all the time never push

12. Report lol accidents burns, cuts, scratches, and splinters no matter how small


Passion projects #2

For this week we had to do the four questions my answers were,

I will learn how to make a baseball.I want to learn to make because it would be cool to be able to use my own baseball.I will learn to make by taking apart a baseball and measuring the leather. I will then make my own baseball with the measurements I have taken.Success to me will look like a baseball that is able to be thrown and hit. I am going to have to make a prototype first.

Passion Projcet #1

For my passion project #1 my idea is to try to make a baseball from scratch. I got this idea because baseball is my sport and i pretty much am going to measure the lengths and stuff of a baseball and try to make it from that. I think it will be a cool idea to build a baseball and use it.