tech post #9

This week I finished my flashlight and it looks pretty cool it is in a axe shape so you can hammer things with it. Overall it was pretty fun doing the flashlight and I would do it again.

Tech Post #6

This week we are starting to make flashlights. We are making flashlights because we are learning about the kids that got stuck in a cave and we need to make flashlights that would be useful for them. We watching the move on them and what happened to them they were stuck in the cave for ten days straight with no food.

Tech post #5

I have finished all my projects and am using my switch to use a bread board and making a light turn on  and off. A bread board might look complicated but it is not really that complicated. All you do is put the negative side of the batterie in the negative side and put the proton  in the proton side and connect a wire to the column that your light is in vise versus. And there you go.

Tech post #4

I finished my jewelry piece and it looks really good. although there is still some clumps of soder on it it still looks really good. I am starting to visualize the switch as a device that you pull up and down like a lever.

Tech post #3

This week we started making the ring of are jewelry piece made of a kind of metal wire this metal wire is very malleable. To make this circle you take a one inch round piece of wood, rap the wire around the one inch piece of wood one time. Once you do this make a L with the wires and take a round nose pliers and rap one wire around the other to make a circle around it.  cut the excess off and make a circle with the rest .For my jewelry piece I think I am going to be making two baseball bats overlapping so that they look like a X. For this jewelry piece you can use 5 wires at most. My jewelry piece is only going to have 4 wires.

Passion project #3

For my plan i am going to take a baseball apart and use the leather for a new baseball. Once i start making the new baseball and it is done i am going to sew the leather together so i stays together. If all goes as planned i will use it as a real baseball.

Tech Post #2

Last week we learned about the periodic table and how on the top right of the element there is a number and that number is how man protons are in the element. On Friday 22, it was human rights day, human rights day is were we celebrate having are human rights.  On human rights day somebody came to talk to us about it. This person created the donation company called pajama program. The pajama program donates pajamas to kids who are less fortunate then us and do not have pajamas. They also donate to kids who do not have books and give them books.