Rube Goldberg #6: Benefits of Having a Team

Overall I thought that the Rube Goldberg was a super super fun project and i could not have done it without my team. Having a team was a super big advantage.

One example of how having a team was a super big advantage is because when we were deciding what we were going to do for are Rube Goldberg was super easy because we all had a ton of ideas. This shows how having a team is a super big advantage.

Another example of how having a team is a super big advantage is because when we were building if somebody needed to hold something like cardboard it was easy because we had a lot of people. This shows how having a team is a super big advantage.

Rube Goldberg #3: Building the Rube Goldberg

When we decided what we were doing, we had to find out how to build it. We had a problem Manu’s brother Santi took most of the Dominos, so we had to wisely use them. I realized I had dominoes so I brought them. When we were building we messed up a lot and it was annoying to rebuild it over and over and over. When we were testing we realized my dominoes were to small, Manu had to buy more so it would work.

Rube Goldberg #2: What it was Doing at the end

We finally knew what house it was going to be at, but what was the Rube Goldberg going to do at the end?

When we were deciding we had to comprimes we had to figure the step that would complete it. The first thing we thought it was going to do is make it play some music but that was to hard we would need really good accuracy with a marble or something that was going to hit the mouse pad. That was really hard to figure out so we changed it to making a ping pong ball land on a map we will go wherever it landed on the map.

Rube Goldberg #1: Making Groups

Making groups was not that hard because only three of my closest friends where in my class so that made it pretty easy for us to decide are group.

One problem though was that other people wanted to be me to be in there group. That made things a little tricky so I told them that I was already in a group because I did not want to hurt their feelings. My team ended up being Me, Pj, Nathan, and Manu.

Another problem was once we got groups we had to decide what house we where going to do it at. We thought we were going to do it at my house but my housekeeper  would mess it up. Then i told my group I would tell her not to touch it and they said fine. We still had three other houses but Manu’s was better, we ended up picking out of a hat and it was Manu’s house.

Rocketry unit

I think the rocketry unit was the most fun unit and I will always remember it was was a challenge when we starting because we were arguing over what we wanted our inspiration board to look like and what are group name was going to be. When we figured that out we finally got to work but we were still behind a little from the arguing. We got the teachers help and got strait to work on our inspiration board and got it done in one day. When we were practicing our slideshow we were a mess we did not even know our lines . 

Here is my rocketry slideshow that my group has made.

I hope you enjoyed the slideshow.

Here is my presentation.

Final blog post.


My question was if I plant a plant with no fertilizer pellets will grow taller than a plant with fertilizer pellets. My hypothesis was that it will grow taller than a plant with fertilizer could. Everyday, I would get our quads, a paper towel, a water cup with a pipet. With our eyes, my group and I would make observations. After making observations, I would talk with my partners about changes that happened. Then we would write down our notes using scientific vocabulary. Next we would water our quads. Finally we would clean up our materials and return our quads to the watering table.

The average amount that my plant grew is 2 cm a day the color of our plant was mostly green until the plants life came to an end. My hypothesis was correct our experimental plant grew taller than our control plant. Our control plant died when it was only 9 cm tall. That is weird I wonder if it died because it drowned because we watered it too much. Our seed pods were about 1-2 inches long I wonder how many seeds are in our pods.

I learned that pollination is when pollen get’s carried from one flower to another. I learnded that photosynthesis is using light to put things together. If you want to know what the plant circle of life is read on. The plant circle of life is first there is a seed you plant that seed, then you water it the first root comes out that is called germination, then a stem pokes out of the ground t starts growing wile it grows taller leaves start to grow, then a flower grows and seed pods start to grow and produce seeds.


Plant Experiment #1

My experiment is to plant a plant with no fertilizer pellets and see if it grows longer or shorter than the control. My hypothesis is that if I don’t give my plant fertilizer pellets then it will take longer to grow and it will not grow as well as if you give it fertilizer pellets. That will happen because it will not have the vitamins to keep it stay healthy.My control plant has a quad with four cell, soil, water  fertilizer pellets, seed and light.

On the first week of planting i’m noticing that my plants have been doing well the control plant is already. The experimental is not as tall as the control plant it is only because it does not have vitamins like the control plant. My plant is green that means it is probably healthy. The  control is