Radical Rube Goldberg!

When I first heard that we had to create a Rube Goldberg machine, I was shocked. How the was I supposed to create a Rube Goldberg machine? Those things are crazy! But once I started I knew my group and I could do it!

Rube Goldberg machine: A simple task done in a complicated manner.

My Rube Goldberg team consists of Julia, Tessa, me. For this project, my team has to create a seven to ten step Rube Goldberg machine that in the end will complete a simple task.

So far, we have discovered and tried three different attempts on creating our Rube Goldberg machine. Our first attempt came out a little to much like a fantasy and it was not very realistic. For example, one of the steps was supposed to have a can send a basketball rolling and then knock a water bottle off of a table. It must include a lot of force that the can did not have.

Our second attempt had contained some good and some, not so good steps. This led us to our third design. We were extra careful choosing the steps for this design. We took some of the steps from the first and second design and came up with the rest.

Our machine starts by popping a balloon. This step is a form of mechanical energy. Our machine also includes rotational kinetic energy. For example, a golf ball rolls down a ramp, which hits a rolling marble into a circular spinning object. The ball is a form of rotational kinetic energy.

This is our final product!


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  1. You did such a good job describing the experience that you and your group had making your Rube Goldberg machine.

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