Capstone 2: Creating Main Inquiry and Sub Questions

Recently, I just finished creating my main inquiry and sub questions. I This step was a little complicated for me because I had no idea where to start.

For my main inquiry question I came up with “What is the science behind Play-Doh; how is it more than just a toy for kids?” I am very proud with how my main inquiry question came along with my five sub questions. My five sub questions took a while to come up with but after a couple of mind maps, I finally decided on what I wanted them to be. Now it was time to put together an interview. My teacher and I did a little bit of research and found out that the Play-Doh factory was in Hong Kong! My teacher emailed them and asked if we could do and interview via email. Now all we have to do is wait.

I got a lot of help with my teacher and our student intern coming up with sub questions and finding an interview. I know I will need a little bit more guidance from some adults figuring out what my next steps are. Otherwise, I think my Capstone it coming along great so far!

Capstone 1: The Starting Process

For the next couple of weeks, the whole fifth grade participates in, Capstone. This project is an inquiry-based project which means it starts with a question. You pick a topic, research it, and make a presentation. These projects always look incredible and they are really inspiring. I chose Play-Doh and here is my thinking and the process to where we are now…

It was a little complicated deciding on my topic because their are so many things to choose from. At first I was leaning toward doing crayons but I don’t think I was going to be able to stick with it for a whole six weeks. I was playing with Play-Doh and I realized I wanted to learn about it. What is the science behind Play-Doh? That is how I found my topic and my main research question.

I found “mind maps” really helpful for finding my sub questions. To make a mind map, you write the topic on a piece of paper and break it down. For example, I wanted to learn about the science behind Play-Doh. Then, I had to figure out I made only one I that is how I found my five sub-questions.

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