Capstone 3: My Interview

This week, I had my interview. A lot of my questions were answered but I was still left hanging for some of them… 

Finding an interview was a little complicated. It took a while to find someone to contact. I got a lot of help from my teacher who actually arranged my interview and our amazing intern who took notes for me during the interview. It took a little while to get in contact because Play-Doh is made in Hong Kong! The person that we emailed did not answered after several approaches. I got tired of waiting so my teacher called the company Hasbro who makes Play-Doh.

The person I talked to over the phone was an intern who took phone calls, answered questions, and gave replacement parts. I learned that Play-Doh hasn’t changed much except for the fact that they had produced more play sets and colors. Otherwise Play-Doh has not changed very much. The ingredients in Play-Doh are very simple. There is wheat, water, salt, and other common ingredients. The most common ages that use Play-Doh is ages 5-10 years old. My interviewee gave me all of the information that he knew and could gather. He was very helpful and patient.

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