Mission Impossible Launches Again!

    Another launch for the Mission Impossible rocket! It turns out the first rocket launch didn’t count as a launch. But we didn’t mind because our rocket split in half!

    Our second launch was a great success for my group. I think part of the reason it went so high is because we  According to my graph my group’s rocket went approximatley 31 to 44 degrees high on the first real launch. There were four different kids that used clinometers to get that height. I know that that seems like a really far apart but we were still trilled! It looked liked it touched the top of the trees. We kept our 3D printed nose cone from our previous launch. Our rocket was great and we were so proud to see my rocket soaring through the sky but, now we have to make the discession, what do we want to change? Do we want to change anything? Do we want to push the amount of air that is pumped in the rocket?
    We decided to add two more wings to the top of the rocket to balance it out. We also added four wings in between the four wings already placed to expepirement and see what happenes. Our rocket went 22 to 39 degrees, one the second real launch. It wasn’t as good as our first launch but we were still proud.
    I learned so much from Isaac Newton’s laws of motion and how they apply to rocketry. The second and third law were really useful. The second law is F*M=Acceleration, and the third law, is every force has an equal and opposite reaction. Our rocket followed all of the laws.
    On our first launch my rocket went approsimatley 37 meters high. One our second launch our rocket went 33 meters high. Our rocket decreesed in height by about 4 meters high. I don’t think we should have added the four extra wings because i think they made the rocket heavier even though they were made out of styrofoam. But we only know that because we tried it.

Blast Off!

Ever since my teacher said that we were going to be building and launching our rockets, I was immeditaley excited! My group decided to 3D print our nose cone. It was the first year of launching with a 3D printed nose cone.  

On our first launch my group had a surprise. I was in the of pumping and all of a sudden…pop. I look up and see the bottom half of our rocket on the floor and the top half spinning in the sky! I was a little disappointed that our rocket didn’t go through the sky as one piece but it was still a lot of fun.

For our second launch my group use the same design and the same nose cone. We just re-made the wings and used a fresh bottle. When we launch for the second time we decided to use water in addition to air and our rocket went the rocket. This is what my group’s rocket looked like on the second launch right before it went up, up, up.


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