Where’s the Snow

This week, we got free write. So we could write about anything we wanted to. Of course with the crazy weather – no snow and all – that’s what I would be writing about. I love this piece of writing. 

It is the middle of January and there hasn’t been any real snow. Maybe a small flurry here and there but no snow! I want it to rain snow, pour snow, snow snow I want to have a snowy day. A day with so much snow that school is canceled.

I love waking up in the morning from the phone ringing to say school is canceled. Then, jumping out of bed and running to wake up my older brother so we can play in the snow. I really want it to snow but I want to have the good packing snow, the kind that is good for making snowballs and forts! I was hoping for it to snow on my birthday which is in early January. Unfortunately, it didn’t and I am still waiting for a pretty white coating on the tree tops and the ground.
I really want it to snow. I only want it to snow one day, and then again about a week later because it isn’t any fun being house bound for too long! But I don’t want it to snow in March. So there are only two more months for the perfect snow day!