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  1. I think it was great article. My one question is do the dogs like it? Maybe they don’t like it. It is great how people can train dogs so well. It is great how it helps scientists with research.


  2. By Parker- I learned that the park is one of the most incredible wild life places in the world.
    I also learned that they train and take care of the dogs when they are just born and that in the summer the humans, and the canine Rangers are ambassadors. They teach people about how the sled dogs are important to Denali since 1922. I think over all this article was very interesting. I learned a lot about sled dogs that I had knew about. -Parker

  3. I thought it was super interesting. As I was reading this I realized dogs are being used for lots of things nowadays. They are used for the museum bug article and this one. I think Jacob’s question is a good one. I think the dogs might like it. I think they like their owner, but they don’t like the hard work everyday.

  4. I learned that in February the dogs and rangers go on a month long patrol. I also find it so amazing that only 31 dogs can do so much work. I was also amazed by the fact that huskies can run thousands of miles in their lifetime. I love that they give the dogs at the end of their carrier a chance to have a family.

  5. Denali Park is over six million acres. That is huge! And people are starting to depend on dogs to get around. It is amazing that dogs can run so fast and so far in a day. This seems that it is very beneficial to the people, but I am wondering about the dogs. Are they happy with what they do? The article says yes! It is amazing that it is win-win. We both get something out of it, and we really don’t lose anything important.


  6. I think that it was a good article but want to know how the dogs feel. Do they fell tired after doing a rescue? Or do they enjoy patrolling the mountains looking for people in need of help.

  7. Lauren-
    I was amazed that rangers go on a patrol for a month and love their job so much. I didn’t know that people appreciated living in a cold climate for so long. My initial thought was that people would dislike this form of hard work partially because of the temperature, but it turns out that these patrollers love their job and cuddle with their dogs when they are cold and the dogs warm their feet. I think it is great that these dog patrollers love the dogs so much and take a job partially because of them.

  8. I think it must be fun for Raffaeli and the other park rangers to work with the dogs but it must be hard to work in the cold. I wonder if the cold temperature affects the dogs in any way? I think the article did not explain everything so well and left some grey areas.

  9. I think that it was a good article but want to know how the dogs feel. Denali Park is over six million acres. I kind of think that in a way it may be K9 abuse but the way that Jennifer Raffaeli says it, it makes it sound as if the dogs love what they do. But I’m still a bit skeptical about the fact that it may or may not be K9 abuse.

  10. By Isabella N.- “Barks rangers help patrol Alaska’s Denali National Park Preserve” is a very interesting article. I think that it is very well written. I think that job would be so much fun because you are surrounded with dogs. I think it’s fascinating that for the past eight years Raffaei has cared for dogs around the world. I think that job must be really fun and you learn so much about dogs and responsibility.

  11. I think that it’s amazing that these dogs can walk and run hundreds of miles in -40 degree temperature, and still feel fine and happy. It’s amazing how strong these dogs are, and how loyal they are to their owners. They are probably extremely well behaved, which is kind of crazy considering how many dogs they must train, all of these dogs have to be somewhat smart to learn all of this. I kind of feel bad for the dogs though. For most of their life, they have to pull sleds for miles in freezing temperature. Yes, they are cared for and given lots of love, but I don’t think if they we’re given the option of living in a nice warm home and doing what they do, that they would choose what they do now. It’s a rough and difficult job for the dogs, and they can only walk for so long without getting tired. Miraculously, these dogs have to have stamina of steel because they pull extremely heavy sleds for so long. I am a human, much bigger than those dogs, can wear warm coats to keep me toasty, and yet I don’t think I could ever do what they do out in that freezing weather. I also think it’s crazy that Raffaei has to care for so many dogs. She has to feed them, train them, pick up their poop, (which must be annoying because she probably has to pick up so much of it,) give them the love they need and deserve, and keep them happy. She must be a really good dog trainer!

  12. I learned how much effort goes into getting the dogs to the point that they can pull a sled through snow. From when they are just born Jennifer Raffaeli trains the dogs to be ready for the next year and for more years to come. Jennifer Raffaeli loves spending time with the dogs and loves them equally. She loves them for different things like some like to cuddle at night or some can plow through deep snow etc. I wish I could be like her and do all that. She has been doing it for eight years around the clock.

    • I like how you included how they start training
      at a very young age this explains how they work really hard every day. They most be really tired at the end of the day.

  13. I think the article is okay.The dogs are so cute. I wonder if the dogs like it, if the dogs do not like it they should not be having the race. I wonder how people learn the skill of training dogs.

    • I agree, if it is a really good dog but the dog doesn’t want to race, you should take their opinion rather than the human’s. It’s the dog racing after all.

  14. Zoe-
    I like how you said that the dogs can walk and run hundreds of miles in -40 degree temperature, and still feel fine and happy. I think that explains how these dogs are really hard working and still happy at the same time!

  15. DOGS. What is something they can’t do? They can clean museums, rescue skiers, find missing people, and they can be used as horses *practically*. You see why they deserve the title “Man’s best friend”. They also are very hard workers, -40 degree temperatures?!?! I would have started crying walking 2 feet. AND THEY HAVE TINY LEGS AND WALK HUNDREDS OF MILES! How? I think this works, but if the dogs get to the point where it is just work and they can’t be dogs anymore I think they should give them breaks or shifts. You don’t work humans that hard. Just make sure the dogs are still having fun and they aren’t miserable, even though they are dogs I believe that the golden rule still applies to them, Treat others how you want to be treated.

  16. I think that this article was very interesting. I also think that it’s amazing how they can run up to 100 miles when it could be under 40 degrees. It also must be a lot of work to have to train many dogs. And to feed and care for them. I also learned that it’s one of the biggest wild life park in the world and most amazing

  17. I think that it would be a really cool job to be able to
    spend most of your time with dogs and be able to see the park almost every day. Also maybe the dogs don’t enjoy dragging along a sled all day long.
    Maybe the dogs feel imprisoned by having to work all day.

  18. I think that the article was very cool. It must be hard work for the dogs to pull a sled with people on it. I felt like Jennifer really enjoyed spending time with dogs. One thing I liked about the article was how they supported their thinking in the article. Another thing I liked was the structure. Some people don’t believe that dogs are strong enough to plow through heavy snow, but i believe in them

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