Double Crossing- Lorenzo, Grace, Brooke

Determine the number of pages you will read.  Then, share your thinking in a blog post.  You must include two questions for your group to discuss.

13 thoughts on “Double Crossing- Lorenzo, Grace, Brooke

  1. So far, this book is good but weird at the same time. The main character raizel, is a Jew in Russia. Her dad comes back from work saying he has 2 tickets to go to America. It is most likely going to go to her older brother Lemmel, but it surprisingly goes to her. But she doesn’t want to go to America. She wants to stay in Russia and take care of her siblings and tell then stories. The last part we read is when she is about to go to America. I wonder how the trip will be. Will she get sick and sent back?

    • My two questions are: Why was she so eager to go to America before the decisions were made for her to go. After she realized she was going she was sad. the second one is: Why is she so worried about them getting sick, if she trusts her parents so much

  2. We read 50 pages. I thought the book was good, but it felt like it was mostly stories that she was tell most of the time. So the book was kind of boring. In the book her dad came home late and they found out that her and her dad are going to America and she has to learn how to make all her dads favorite meals. She is leaving in a week. I hope the story gets better cause she wont be going to America with her siblings or her mom. So it will make it so their is less stories to hear because it takes up most of the book. They don’t sound that poor because they eat a lot food and their house has three rooms and they have beds. They are rich compared to Phil. Phil had a one room house and rarely ever got white bread. There is a big difference in the amount of money. I can’t wait to read on.

  3. Today we read up to page 50, chapter 5. So far in the book ,on Sabbath , Papa came home late. Everything was alright and the family found out that they have 2 tickets to America! Lemmel wanted to go really badly and leave the cheder but they decided that Raizel should go instead. They are supposed to be leaving in two weeks time but Raizel doesn’t want to go. She feels that she needs to stay and help the family here. Some people, like her cousin, would be really happy to go. I do understand why she feels this why though. Raizel has to go into the market a lot because her mother makes her train for America. To me they don’t sound that poor because they have white bread and a full chicken. For Fivle that would have been a lot. They also have a hoarse and wagon.

  4. Today we read up to page 93 from page 50. Raizel Is trying to cross the borders Russia to Belgium. she has to cross a lake with really strong current. Someone helping them cross the borders. Tied a rope from a tree so they could hold onto but when Raizel catches someone from getting taken away with the current, she slips and is going down a lake and can’t breathe. She wakes up alive. Because someone else saved her. I wonder how he ran so fast to get her out of the water. I also wonder if there are going to be twists and turns or if they get cought.

  5. We read from page 50 to 93. Will she get better? Will they make it to America? Those are my questions. They crossed the border from Russia to Belgium. Raizel almost died because she was saving someone from drowning and then the current pulled her and so “mean” Ivan saved her. I called Ivan “mean” because he calls them dirty Jews and lazy and on page 91 he says,”Make a fire, you good-for-nothing Jews!” He is so mean and grumpy. He has a lot of money and he gets paid for taking them he is still grumpy. he sounds spoiled. At least they don’t have to be with him anymore because they made it across the border. That is all they need Ivan for. I feel bad because I bet the rest of the family will have to go with him because they will need to cross the border when they come to America. When they save enough money for them to come.

  6. Today we read from page 50 to 93. Will something ever happen to Papa? Will Raizel ever get sick or hurt again?
    Papa and Raizel are now crossing the border of Russia to Belgium. They have a man named Ivan that is helping them to cross the border. Ivan calls them “lazy jews” and “good-for-nothing jews.” He also barks at them to do things, yet he saved Raizel’s life when she was saving a kid and slipped and was pulled under by the current. She would have died if he had not risked his life to save her. They are now free from Russia but they still have to risk the boat ride and be examined at Ellis Island. I hope they are not sent back after all they have been through so far. Raizel is risking her life so her family can be safe in America. I feel bad that she has to go through so much and leave everything she has ever seen behind.

  7. We read from 93- 145. I am starting to like the book a little better. Raizel was in a inn waiting for her boat. They were told that the boat is coming late. When Raizel and her father were waiting for the boat, they met a family who had a father in America. They became friends and found out that they are going to be going on the same boat. Raizel tasted ice cream for the first time. Her father scolded her that it was not kosher. hen there boat finally came Susan and her family found out that they have to go down to seconed call with Raizel. (they were supposed to be in seconed class) They were told they could eat up there though. Raizel, on the other hand, had a ticket for third class. Her father did not allow her to eat the food from the boat, conserned that it was not kosher. They have been eating stale bread with jam the whole time. Susna and her family have been sneaking food down from seconed class for them to eat. Raizel’s father is now very sick. They asked for a doctor but at frist the doctor would not come to see him. Then Susan’s mother went to see the doctor and forced him to come down and see Raizel’s father. When the doctor saw Raizel’s father he told them that they should have come to see him earlier.

  8. Brooke Goldstein
    We read up to 145. She is on the boat to America and her pa is struggling he doesn’t have much life left in him. Raizel was sick ,but she is better now. Susan and Reuben and their ma were friends with Raizel from the place they stayed at before they got on the boat. They are on the same boat ,but Susan and Reuben and their ma were really men’t to be in second class but they over booked the boat so they are in third class but they get to eat with second class. They bring Raizel and her pa food from there, usually apples or roles. I think that Raizel will stay alive ,but I think her pa will die. I think she will live with Susan. Will her pa survive? Will she get let into America? Will she have to live with Susan?

  9. HI I’m Lorenzo. Cuz my computer isn’t working Im using Grace’s. Today we read up to page 145. Raizel finally got on the boat. but in steerage. She met friends called Susan and Reuben and their mom. They are also coming to America, but in second class. At least they were. The second class has no room. so they got thrown down in steerage. EVeryone got sick on the third day. But everyone got better on the 5th day. Everyone bt Raizel’s dad. he is still sick. he’s throwing up, not eating food, not drinking anything, and not sleeping. i hope he gets better soon.

    I wonder if Raizel’s dad will make it.

    I also wonder if Susan and her family will last in second class

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