Journey to America-Andrew, Parker, Hanna, Julia

Determine the number of pages you will read.  Then, share your thinking in a blog post.  You must include two questions for your group to discuss.

13 thoughts on “Journey to America-Andrew, Parker, Hanna, Julia

  1. Pages 3-28
    I am wondering about the passport incident. Why was their passport taken away? Also it seems like the only reason that they got one was because of Fritz. He persuaded the other man (Karl), to give them their passport. If he hadn’t they wouldn’t have got a passport. I am realizing that Fritz was defending them, Jews. This is good because someone was defending the Jews, but I am wondering how Fritz has tricked the Germans into thinking that he is for Germany and not for the Jews.

  2. pages.1-28
    I think they might go to Switzerland without there mother?
    I think this because Frau Platt came to their house and wanted money. So I’m thinking that their mother will send them with the money. So they can go and be protected in Switzerland. The only thing is their mother would be risking her life because she wont be able to give Frau Platt the money. So she could go to jail, and possible die even.
    Why did they take their passports away?
    Maybe they took their passports away when they moved from Brazil to Germany because Hitler did not want people leaving Germany because he wanted to be the ruler of everyone so if people leave he want have people to rule over.

  3. Journey to America 1-28 Hanna

    Today I read pages 1-28 of the book Journey To America. I really enjoyed the book and thought it was a little weird when the dad is telling them not to tell anyone. But I why the dad says that if the mom needs money they have to give her the rings. My favorite part that I read so far was when they were in the post office. I really liked how the author wrote the starting. One question I have is, How do you think the mom feels when the dad feels? My second question is, how can they afford to go on vacations? As much as i read today I think this is perfect book for immigration.

  4. It must be very scary for Lisa’s mother knowing her families life is in danger from the Gestapo. She has to not only take care of her self but of her daughters. I wonder what Annie thinks is going on. It must be hard for Lisa not to tell her best friend who she tells everything to about their upcoming journey. I hope Switzerland is safer for Lisa’s family. I wonder why the man at the passport place was not letting them have their passports. Was it because they were Jewish?

    1- I wonder why their dad wasted money on the rings for Lisa and Ruth instead of saving that money to help them get to America?

    2- Did Lisa’s dad actually owe money to Herr Mendel?

  5. Pages 29-53
    I am now wondering about Ruth’s violin. She had hidden money in the case, so that is probably one of the reasons Ruth didn’t want to give it up. The only thing is now even if the Nazis don’t know about the money, they still have it. That means that Ruth’s family doesn’t have the money. I now understand now about the rings. I was wondering why they bought the rings when they needed the money for the trip, but it makes sense because the Nazis say you can only bring ten (10) marks out for each person, and that is not a lot of money. The rings are real, but the Nazis think that they are fake, so the Nazis don’t care about it, but it is worth a lot of money. The whole point of the rings was to trick the Nazis.

  6. pages 29-53
    Why did their father give them the rings?
    Their father gave them the rings so in Switzerland they can sell them for money. In the book it says you can only bring ten marks out of the country. Marks are money and the dad gave them rings so technically they have a future of going to America faster then they thought because the rings he gave them could mean more/ worth more then they think. The naizi think the rings are fake that is the hole point if the naizi think their fake they can get to Switzerland sell the rings to Get money to go to America.
    What if one of them gets sick?
    I am wondering if the mom will get sick because she is not on the front of the book where it says Journey to America and it only shows the girls not the mom. what if she dies from a sickness?
    what if she is sent back to Switzerland because she has a cold? so many possibilities.

  7. I think Lisa and Ruth are very lucky to have the rings. If they are in need of money they can sell them for a lot of money. I was very scared the Nazis would find the money Ruth hid in her violin case. I hope The mom isn’t very sick. It would be terrible if she got sick right before America. I wonder how old Annie is? She must not be to young considering she was able to figure out about America. I really hope they make it to Switzerland without getting stopped by Nazis again.

    1- What would of happened if they found the money hidden in Ruth’s violin case?

    2- How did Annie find out about America?

  8. 53-66
    I cant believe the agency didn’t help them! I think it would be very scary if I knew my mother lost hope. I hope the rabbi helps them. I don’t think they should go back to Germany like the person at the agency said. Even if they would not be pour there. I’m still worried that the mother will start to get very seriously sick. I did not realize Annie was only 4 she is handling everything very well for a 4 year old.I wonder what the rabbi will do hopefully they will stay together.

    !- Why did the lady at the agency suggest they should go back to Germany.

    2- Why would the rabbi help them.

  9. Pages 55-80
    I am wondering what they will do with all the food they got from the kitchen. I am also wondering why nobody tells Frau Strom that she can’t just use all the money for herself, why nobody stands up to her.

  10. 67-80
    I feel bad that Annie had to say goodbye to her only sisters for who knows how long. It is not nice that Frau Strom uses the money from the agency to buy herself clothes instead of using it to buy food for the kids like she’s supposed to do. It must be very uncomfortable for Lisa to have to sleep in a small crib because there is no more beds. Does Pop know what Frau Strom is doing with the money?

    1- Why doesn’t Pop do something about Frau Strom?

    2- How long will the girls have to stay in the camp?

  11. pages 29-66
    1.Are the rings real stone and do they have a bigger cost then they think
    Lisa’s father gave Ruth and lisa rings. There father said only use them in emergency. The rings look fake so they could get them through security but they are real and the are worth a lot of money. The girls thought they were plan simple rings with not a lot of cost. But when they went to the pawn shop they guy at the pawn shop said they were worth a lot more than they thought and that the rings are real stone.
    2. 2. Will Ruth be able to sneak the money to America?
    Ruth was not able to bring an instrument through security. So all the money she had is gone forever. She brought a lot of money.

  12. May 14, 2018 at 11:33

    pages 55-80
    1. I think Emma is not very nice?
    I think this because she is not very nice to Lisa. When they introduced her in the story she would answer her with always Answer her In a negative way? Instead of saying this place isn’t so bad she says all the negative stuff about the camp?
    2. The camp doesn’t seem very nice at all?
    The camp only has beans and oatmeal it sounds like and from Emma’s prospective that is all they serve. Also Lisa has to sleep in a crib. Lisa suggested she take the mattress out of the crib and sleep on the floor but Emma said there are rats.

  13. Journey to America 66-80


    I dislike the character Emma,
    I think this because she does not act kind to Lisa. A lot of the characters in the book are strange. Although some of the characters are forgotten, such as Rosemary, her friend at school. I wonder what happened to her. I dislike Emma because she said all the negative things. For example “ There might be rats”. She could of said it in a nicer way to Lisa
    My favorite part of this section of reading is when Annie was sad about the girls might be going to camp. In this section of reading Lisa mentioned her dad,, it must be hard to be away from her dad for that long. The book is kind of confusing with how many days go by, I don’t know how many days went by.

    1. Does Emma have a problem with Lisa?
    2. Is Emma an important person in the book?

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