Streets of Gold- Zoe, Leo F., Cat

Determine the number of pages you will read.  Then, share your thinking in a blog post.  You must include two questions for your group to discuss.

5 thoughts on “Streets of Gold- Zoe, Leo F., Cat

  1. 1-32
    Marisa has to leave Poland because her brother is being hunted down by Czars Russian army. She has a sister Katrina, And two brothers, Stephen and Adam. On the night they are preparing to leave her grandma gives her art supplies that belonged to her grandpa. He would see the light where the sun hit a tree while others just saw a shadow. An old man helps than cross the border, which he was very kind and helpful. When crossing the polish border, He also manages to
    convince German border patrol that he just has cheese and wine to sell at the market. They have to hide Stephen the best, he is the one being hunted so they hide him in a wine barrel, while the others hide under some hay. I am concerned about Katrina’s cough. She might have salmonella from kissing her chicken so much, I think it makes sense. She also sleeps with her parents so unless she gets better I doubt she will be allowed to America. Marisa whole family seems like they are hard workers, IF they are allowed in I think they will do well.

    • I wonder if they be allowed in? I wonder if Katrina will contaminate her parents. Will Marisa’s paint brushes get stolen?

  2. Zoe-
    I have just started reading a book called “Streets of Gold.” It is a very good book! It is about a Polish girl named Marisia and her family. She has a sister named Katrina. She has a pet chicken. I wish I had a pet chicken :(. The youngest in her family is her little brother Adam, and then there is her mom and dad. Her brother, Stefan, was forced to be part of the Russian army. Five months later, he secretly escaped during the night. Now, they are worried that Stefan and his family will be hunted down. They realized they must go to America. A man helps their family cross the border. He tells a soldier that he is a person selling many things to the market, but really, all of the goods are just covering Marisia and her family. Now they are across the border and they are in Hamburg. Marisia is very good at drawing, and loves to draw. I think this book is very well written, and it keeps you interested. They don’t really have slow and boring parts of a book, it’s one exciting thing after another, which is nice, because I see a lot of books that have uninteresting chunks throughout the entire book. I hope Marisia can do something with her art, and turn it into something more than just a hobby. I wonder what will happen to their family?

  3. Leo-
    The book, Streets of Gold, by Marie Raphael, is about a family in Poland. The book is in the point of view of Marisia. It starts out one morning when Russian soldiers storm into the house and recruit a boy named Stefan into the army. Nobody in Stefan’s family wants Stefan to go to the army because they know that Polish people in the Army usually get killed or die from the harsh conditions. Stefan ends up going because the soldiers threaten to shoot him. Then the book fast-forwards to 5 months later where Stefan comes home. He doesn’t come home legally so they need to hide him so he won’t be found and arrested for desertion. After a little while, Stefan’s father decides the family (made up of Adam, Marisia, Katrina, Stefan, and their mother and father) must go to America. They sell all their possessions and their relatives come and give them food for their journey and gifts. Marisia receives pencils from her Grandmother. Then the family hires a driver that can get them across the Polish border to Germany. Once in Germany, they rent a room that they stay in for one night. Marisia’s hobby seems to be drawing just as her Grandfather’s was before her. She drew a princess while she and the family were in the room. They seem to be very poor. I wonder what will happen to them now?

  4. Leo extended-
    One other question is will they encounter any more hardships along the way? Will they be stopped at Ellis Island or encounter a storm?

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