The Orphan of Ellis Island- Jake, Alpha, Isabella

Determine the number of pages you will read.  Then, share your thinking in a blog post.  You must include two questions for your group to discuss.

17 thoughts on “The Orphan of Ellis Island- Jake, Alpha, Isabella

  1. We read pages 1-24. Wow! We found out so much about Dominic. He is an orphan and has gone through many foster families. Also never speaking to your classmates that must be tough. I can’t imagine doing that. Also switching schools must become really hard. He isn’t treated the best. I know this because his feet are cramped in his shoes. He says they are really old. Why doesn’t he attempt to get friends? He said that he really wants a friend. Dominic went to Ellis Island for a field trip with his class. He hates it. His feet really hurt and he doesn’t know anything about his family history because all of his family members died. I can’t imagine living with Dominic’s situation. He must be really brave to sneak away from his class. He seemed to really get scared and nervous when he got locked in the building. i can’t believe that the Italian man answered him. Before he said that his last name might be Italian. I wonder if the man is someone he is related to. Why did his classmates and teacher not remember him? I think that he really needs someone that he likes and trusts so that way he can open up and talk about his situation.

  2. we read 1-25 pages, wow i think we will have to put a ton of thoughts and thinking into these blogs. i think qt the end it was so cool how the grandpa said “yes little one im listing” i think its a little creepy that he answers back becasue arent these recordings. also i think the kids in dominicks class should stop being so mean to him but suprizingly i think that the teacher was kind of picking on him to because she was giving him looking when he was saying he had grandfather from itilay and his name was on the wall i thought that wasreally mean and THE TEACHER SHOULD STOP PICKING ON A STUDENT. also i think that dominic should stop being so shy and should try to make freinds. but its really hard for him moving to new schools like every month AND HE’S A ORPHAN. i think that it was super weird when he woke up after a few hours and all the lights were dimed and it was so quiet. i think it must be so hard not to know anything about his faimly and his parents died wich is so sad he just has a hard life and he’s a child and he has to deal with it every single day.

    • also one question thati didnt understand is that how did the grandpa answer back on the phone. my other question is that why is the teacher so mean to Domonic and why does why is dominic so shy why doesnt he talk to the other kids

  3. Wow Dominic is a kid that has moved from family to family.Right now he is at a school field trip and the school field trip is taking place at Ellis island. Dominc went into a room that was weird and then for some reason he goes in a place where he cannot hear or see any of his class mates.It was getting scary for Dominic but then ran into pictures that had families on them. One family had atleast 8 brothers which got Dominic to say I wish I had a brother .

  4. We read pages 25-42. Wow! I can’t believe that the guy on the other end of the phone talked to him. I wonder if the old man knew Dominic would fall asleep and wake up in Italy in 1908. I still think that the man might be related to him. Before Dominic wished that someone would burp in his ear. Now that he has traveled back in time I wonder if the time travel has anything to do with wishing. Why can Dominic speak and understand Italian. Also was he really sucked into a dream? If it is the old man’s dream wouldn’t it stay true to what really happened to the old man. I was surprised that Violetta was a goat. Dominic learned that the three boys he met were orphans. These are the first orphans he has met. Now that he sees them he realizes that his condition from where he is from is better. I wonder how the other people in the village will treat Dominic. Does Dominic enjoy this dream/ time travel thing?

  5. We read pages 25-42. I think that it was super weird how he went back in time .I also think that this will make a great conversation for our book club. I thought it was super cool how he went back in time by a display phone. I think that Dominic was super surprised when he met Francesco as a kid and he met the other boys. I think it was really surprising to Dominic that the boys didn’t know what dinosaurs were. Also, one question that I have is how did the traveling back in time technically work? Did he fall asleep and wake up in Italy? Also, another question I have is are the boys that were with Francesco his brothers?

  6. The book The Orphan of Ellis Island is getting really good.I am surprised that Dominc is talking to an old man on a display phone and I can’t believe that the old man is talking about him coming to America .Now Dominic is in the old man’s dream and Dominic is freaking out and wanting to know the year it is now.When he figure’s out that the year is 1908 he like what is happening right now.I wonder how he randomly just went into a dream.Why does Dominic want to know the year?Why does Dominic feel so so scared when this is probly the time he could probly find his own family.

  7. We read 42-63. Wow! I learned how boys in Italy could be treated so harshly. I also learned that they can barely get any food. Also Dominic is finally realizing how he should of appreciated the food he got with his families. He is realizing how much better his life is compared to theirs. How will Dominic act when he goes back to the future? Will he appreciate anything more? Will he forget about his time travel event thing? It seems like some of the boys forgot to share with their family they were so hungry. I can’t imagine being that hungry that I would do that. Also they have to work on an empty stomach. That is absurd. I wonder what the boys life would be like if they had a family. It seems like girls had a hard life in Italy. I think this because of the description of Nina. It seems like Salvatore isn’t a well behaved boy. Although with those circumstances, it makes sense that someone wouldn’t be well behaved because they have to work hard and barely get any food.

  8. Why does dominic does not ask the to brothers to talk about there life.Now dominic is looking at a goat and saying he wish he could eat anything . This shows how much Dominic wants to eat.Why does dominic talk only about his harsh life.

  9. we read pages 42-63 i think that on page 48 Dominic realized what it really meant to be hungry” Dominic thought about the foster families he stayed with how he didn’t always like the meals they made he thought about all the times he went to bed hungry rather than try some of their strange looking chili or casseroles”, he realized how he should have eaten the food how he kind of wasted it. i also realized how much they care for animals just like we do we have cats and dogs and they have goats. why were the kids treated that way and why whos sausage

  10. We read pages 63-96. Wow! Dominic has finally found people who he is willing to consider family. That is a huge accomplishment for him. It bugs me for some reason that the boys he is with don’t believe him about being from the future. I wonder if the boys actually killed Randizzi. Also is he faking to get rid of the boys? Will Dominic go to America? I also think that the boys are going to have to walk a lot. If they had parents I bet that they could have possibly taken a train. Would the boys have been mistreated so bad if they had their parents? I wonder if Violetta will be allowed on the boat. I think that she won’t be allowed on. I wonder how the boys will react. What happens to the boys if they are found. If they killed Randizzi the tough guy, why could they be killed by ordinary people?

  11. Wow, now they are going to America but they are going to America because one of the kids was accused of killing Randizzy which is the one that was kind of like the farmer in the story. Why do they think one of the kids is a murderer when he might have fallen down and had a heart attack?

  12. We read pages 96-124. I can’t believe that Salvatore died. It is so sad. That shows how it was much harder to treat illnesses back then. I wondered how Dominic would get a ticket. He unfortunately got it in a really sad way. Dominic has really started to have feelings about other people. He is crying about a death. Also we found out that Salvatore owned the key that he had or at least his key looked like Salvatore’s. I thought that something crazy would happen. I was not expecting this. Will Dominic live with Antonio in America. Also how was the key passed down to Dominic if Salvatore died.

  13. We read pages 124-144. I wondered how Francesco would react to leaving Violetta. I thought that he would sneak her on or something. I never really thought about how Dominic would react to the boat considering he is traveling back in time. One example of him reacting to the boat is when he went to the bathroom. I wonder if he even felt any cleaner. I don’t blame him for acting that way. Another example is when he said that someone should complain to the boat company. I probably would have to. I was surprised to see that most of the talking on the boat was positive. I was surprised that Dominic put on Salvatore’s shirt. The boys tried not to think or talk about Salvatore. I wonder if Dominic recognizes any of this from his learning.

  14. We read from 144-end. Wow! It was a really exciting book. I thought it might have been a dream. I was surprised how Dominic woke up. I also think that Dominic will appreciate a lot more things than he used to because of the dream. I think that Dominic’s dream has a good theme. I think the theme is family first. The author talks a lot about family in the authors note. I think that Dominic will also attempt to make more friends and find a family to stay with. I also liked how the author decided to make Dominic react to the city in a weird way. How will Dominic act after having that dream? Will he ever forget the dream? Will he ever tell the story?

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