The Orphan of Ellis Island- Lauren, Lucy, Brandon

Determine the number of pages you will read.  Then, share your thinking in a blog post.  You must include two questions for your group to discuss.

18 thoughts on “The Orphan of Ellis Island- Lauren, Lucy, Brandon

  1. 1-24
    I found the book Orphan of Ellis Island very interesting. I don’t know why Dominic is ashamed of being a orphan I don’t think the boys and girls would make fun of him. I feel very bad for him though it must be hard for him having to switch schools and family’s every couple of months. I found page twenty four very interesting because when he feel a sleep and left his class it was night time when he woke up. So on page twenty four he found a Italian man on the phone he started talking to him. for example “It so dark i’m so afraid please listen to me” then the man said back “yes little one i’m listening” This was the first person that he had a conversation to in hours. I really want read more! this book is amazing.

    • My questions are.
      1. Why did the teacher leave without Dominic? wouldn’t she wait for him or at lest look for him.
      2. Why does Dominic think being an orphan is a bad thing? I think he should tell the truth to his class mates.

      • In the book Orphan of Ellis Island Dominic get stuck in a dream, He finds out that it’s the old mans dream from the phone. He see’s the old man as a little kid and all of his brothers. How did he get stuck in his dream? and how will he get out of it? will he have to travel all the way to America to Ellis Island? maybe that’s the way to get back to the future. The boys think there’s an evil eye cursed on him they put thirteen rocks in his pockets they think that breaks the curse. Even though he isn’t cursed.

        • My questions are.
          1. How will Dominic get back to the future will he ever return.

          2. Will Dominic remember his time in Italy or not.

  2. 1-24
    I found that this book is very descriptive and depressing. Dominic life is horrible I feel bad for Dominic because he has no real family and no friends. I don’t understand why the kids in his class are making fun of him. I would not make fun of someone for that. I feel that if he just tells the kids in the class that he has no real family they would understand more. Also why would he hide in a closet I mean if I hid in a closet I would make sure I didn’t fall asleep why couldn’t he just wait for the tour to be over and blend back into the group. If I was in his situation I would just stay with the group and deal with it or wait for the tour to be over and just hop onto the boat with my class.


      Why doesn’t Dominic open up to the truth about his family and ignore the teasing class mates?

      Does Dominic think that his teacher doesn’t care about the teasing class mates.

  3. Pages 1-24
    I don’t know why Dominic is so afraid of sharing that he is an orphan. I understand why he thinks his friends will make fun of him and by the way he described them I think that they probably will. I don’t know how he is brave enough to hide in a closet instead of sharing his secret though. I also think it is cool that hearing voices makes him calmer even though he is hearing sad things. He may also just feel like these things are normal though because he is going through things that are bad to. By the way the book describes his life like when the it says “He had grown accustom to things ‘not working out” I can see how these sad things may comfort him. Listening to someone who has a life with bad things in it also may make him feel like he is sharing a life with someone else. It might be as if they know what he is experiencing.

  4. In the book Orphan of Ellis Island Dominic is curious about how the old Italian man is talking to him. He is scared because he is stuck on this Island but the Italian man, Francesco tells him to calm down and go to sleep. When he falls asleep he realizes that he is in Francesco’s dream. While in his dream he learns about Francesco. He found that what he thought was a bad life would be Francesco’s dream. This teaches him that he is lucky to be in the position he is in. I learned that just because other people have things better doesn’t mean that you have things worse.

    2 Questions
    1. Why is Dominic’s gratitude level changing.
    2. Will Dominic ever return from Italy.

  5. I wonder if Tamaso is going to give the boys tickets to America? I also wonder if the “giant” us going to come after them again? Also, I hope that they get to America soon and that they have a safe journey.

  6. In the book orphan of Ellis Island Dominic get’s stuck in the old mans dream. Dominic and the Candiano brothers steal from Randizzi’s garden they stole cherries. Sausage Randizzi’s son caught them stealing the fruit. They tried to get away but they ran into Randizzis trap! Two of the brothers got away but Dominic and Antonio were standing in front of Randizzi, Randizzi grabbed Antonio and was about to whip him when Dominic yelled “Let him go!” then Randizzi grabbed Dominic and whipped him but when he was going in to whip him again a piece of manure flew in and hit Randizzi in the head that’s when Dominic escaped. The Candiano brothers were very great full of Dominic because he took the whipping instead Antonio getting whipped.

    • questions
      1. I wonder if Dominic really felt that much pain because it’s just a dream?
      2. Did the old man bring Dominic in his dream on purpose?

  7. In the book Orphan of Ellis Island Dominic steals cherries with the Candiano boys. A boy from the family who owned those cherries named Sausage finds out. He tells his father Tibero and he decides to whip Antonio. Before he is whipped though Dominic stands up for him and said that he stole the cherries. Tibero whips Dominic instead and the Candiano boys threw poop at Tibero’s head and they all run away. After standing up for the boys Francesco declares Dominic family.
    Taking Antonio’s whipping must have made Franchessco feel like Dominic is part of the family because he showed that families share things that are bad and things that are good.

    1. Why did Dominic take Antonio’s Whipping?
    2. Were the Candiano boys scared to throw poop at Tibero’s head?

  8. I am honestly shocked I can’t belive that they would blame Salvatore for killing Tibero Randizzi. I wonder if they are going to catch Salvatore before he gets to America if he decides to go, or willl he stay and hide with his brothers. All I know for sure is that Savatore needs to decide what he is going to do quick .If Salvatore gets caught what will he do? Will they kill him? Will hebe rescued? Also, if Salvatore goes to America will his brothers meet him there at some point of time? I really hope Salvatore gets away safely.

  9. I can’t believe what just happened Francesco, Salvatore and Antonio got family offers but they rejected it because then they would be seperated. I would do the same if i were in their shoes because i wouldn’t want to separate from my family. Also whe Antonio threw the piece of poop at Randazzo’s head Antonio killed him! Now people are going after Antonio!

    Will Antonio get arrested?
    Will the boy ever get another family offer of them altogether and will they bring Dominic with them?

  10. I can’t believe what just happened Salvator is sick from eating to many cherry pits so when they got to Father Tamaso’s sister he was sweating crazy he could barley talk and he couldn’t walk. And then Dominic saw a gold chain necklace with the letters S.C Isn’t that the same chain necklace Dominic has! I wonder is Salvotor and Dominic are related.

    1. Will Salvator get better?
    2. Are Dominic and Salvatore related?

    • Also I’m pretty much positive that this is a dream. I’m just wondering since the old man talking could be one of the brothers and they could take in Dominic. SO Dominic could finally have his family again if Salvator and Dominic are related.

  11. In the book Orphan Of Ellis Island Salvator died from eating to many cherry pits. Fransescco said that he needed to return the favor and gave Dominic Salvators ticket. Once they got to the dock the agent told them they couldn’t bring any animal. I wonder if they will be able to convince him to let them bring the goat. I can’t believe Salvator died and right before the trip. To be fair i’m pretty sure walking when he didn’t feel well made it worse.

    1. Will the goat be able to come on the ship?
    2. Will Dominic wake up from his dream once he reaches America?

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