The Orphan of Ellis Island- Tony, Charlotte, Bella

Determine the number of pages you will read.  Then, share your thinking in a blog post.  You must include two questions for your group to discuss.

5 thoughts on “The Orphan of Ellis Island- Tony, Charlotte, Bella

  1. We read pages 1-21. In the book “The Orphans of Ellis Island is a very interesting book. The boy is an orphan and doesn’t want anyone else to know it. But when the teacher told them to tell about their family. To avoid telling the people that he is an orphan Dominic hid in a closet to avoid telling. But he fell asleep in the closet. So when he woke up something strange happened to him, he picked up a telephone and found an old man from Italy talking to him!

    Questions: How did the old man call back
    Question no.2: Did his classmates search for him?

  2. We read from pages 21 to 42. In the book “The Orphans of Ellis Island” the book gets even more interesting. Dominic the orphan gets transported back in time because he made a phone call with an old man. The old man’s phone call somehow transported him back to his childhood. I don’t know how he got back in time and how. But I do know that he is back in Italy 1908. And Dominic had just made friends with an Italian boy called Francesco. Who will become an immigrant? Francesco is the old man on the phone. Dominic had traveled through time.

    Question: How did he travel through time

    How did the old man travel with him

  3. The last post-continued
    I think that it is peculiar that how Dominic fell asleep and woke up in Italy. It is interesting and even a little unscientific. Plus when he’s in Italy he met a boy called Francesco. Fran has a goat who could burp.

  4. In the next few pages, Dominic meets a family of Francesco Antonio and Sal. THey accidentally killed a man So they are on the run.

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