The Orphan of Ellis Island- Zach, Leo H., Dhiren

Determine the number of pages you will read.  Then, share your thinking in a blog post.  You must include two questions for your group to discuss.

30 thoughts on “The Orphan of Ellis Island- Zach, Leo H., Dhiren

  1. We read pages 1-24. Dominic doesn’t seem shy in the picture on the front cover. He seemed more nervous than shy. Why doesn’t he want anyone to know he is an orphan? Is he embarrassed? If he is he could just say he doesn’t know if his great grandfather immigrated to Ellis Island. He could say that it was his grandfather and that he didn’t know his grandfathers name. Or he could of just not looked for his great grandfather on the wall. Nobody would remember Dominic raising his hand. It must be creepy staying in a building with nobody in it for a whole night, especially if you don’t know your way around. How could the teacher possibly forget Dominic. He would do a head count, right?

  2. Pages read 1-24
    Dominic is an orphan he has a class trip to ellis island and they have to tell about their family and Dominic does not know so he goes away and hiides in a room because he does not want the other kids finding out that he is an orphin so he goes and hides in a room and falls asleep their and wakes up at night and then is really scared so he calls for help and he does not know what to do.

    • I wonder what Dominics teacher must be thinking about where he is?
      I also wonder if Dominics teacher forgot him?

  3. 1-24 I loved the first part of the book and I think it is scary that he is stuck on Ellis island all alone. What happened is that Dominic was a baby when his parents died and he has no living relatives so he is a orphan now and he always is switching foster family’s. This must be really hard for Dominic because he is always meeting new people and living with them. Another thing that happened is his class was talking about a wall on Ellis island that has everyone name that came through there. When Dominic lied about how he had a great grandfather that was from Italy. When his class actually got taken to the wall he ran away and hid in and janitor’s closet and he accidentally fell asleep. When he woe up he realized it was night and he was stuck on Ellis island alone. I cant believe that his class didn’t notice that he was gone. When I went on field trips our teacher was always counting us and keeping us together.

  4. We read from pages 25-69. What happened with Randizzo? How did Randizzo get hurt? Did Antonio grab the whip and whip Randizzo? I am confused.

    • Sorry about that. Dhiren posted it on accident. Also, It was actually pages 25-68. Back on topic, Sausage is mean. He shouldn’t of done that because all the boys wanted to do was to survive. Does Randizzo whip for the money? I think so. He hits pretty hard it seems. I hope Dominic feels better about the scars.

  5. We read pgs 25-69 Dominic is in someones dream and is in Italy in 1908 he is with Fransesco and Salvatore who like him and they call him family. Dominic also likes Fransesco and Salvatore but he likes Frensesco better than Salvatore. What did happen to Randizzo and how and why did he get hurt. I hope nothing happens to them because Dominic loves staying with them and they love having Dominic staying with them so they called Dominic family.
    Will Dominic stay with them?
    Will they get bored of Dominic?

  6. Pages 25-68. I think that it was surprising that he got sent back in time and met the old man on the phone as a boy. I also think that it is sad that there were no such thing ass families that could take you in and you would live with them if your parents died. I also wonder why it matters if they take a few cherries and eat them. I mean they are homeless and have no food often but there not allowed to take them because the owner is a mean person. I think that sausage is very mean and he deserves the whipping.

  7. I am glad that they are friends, and not getting into arguments and fights. They have been through so much that they didn’t want it to be harder for themselves. Does Dominic want to stay in 1908 or does he want to go back to the present? I thinks he likes his friends and wishes he could live with them, but I still think he wants to go back to the present. Does Dominic know about steerage? If he did would he stop them from going on the trip? I hope they make it to America.

  8. I think it was interesting that Salvatore said that Dominic was his hero. In Italy Dominic is a well educated, smart, knowledgeable person. While in America he is just a ordinary kid who doesn’t have any friends. This is interesting to me because Dominic was becoming friends with Francesco, Antonio, and Salvatore. Back home he had no friends.

  9. We read pgs 69-96 Dominic is going to america and they traveled for a bit and then found a place to sleep and Dominic was hungry because he realized the kids don not eat before sleep so he showed them a nickel with an american indian in it and he said it was very rare and they said that Dominic is so lucky They will start going again after they sleep.
    How will Dominic feel about the ship?
    How will Dominic feel when he gets back to america

  10. We read 96-118. I think it is crazy that Salvatore possibly died because of a small cherry pit. I think this is how Dominic gets to America. The fact that Salvatore may have died because of a cherry pit shows how bad medication was back then.

  11. I think that Salvatore is going to die. His eyes close and that is usually what happens when someone dies. I also think that everyone else is going to stay and try to get new tickets because they think that Salvatore will be healed by the relics. I also think that Dominic will get back to the future or his time period and become friends with some people. I think this because he is caring for Salvatore like a brother. And if one of the others were sick i’m sure he would do the same.

  12. Orpin of ellis island we read pgs 96 118 it was good Salvatore got hurt so that is bad but the good thing is that they good food so they got fed well and Dominic was grumbling he wanted a shake, french fries and a burger but then they had food so Dominic was not growling anymore. Dominic should be thankful because these kids do not get the food and everything that Dominic gets really hungry. SALVATORE I think he will die and he might have just died.

  13. We read from page 119-140. I cannot imagine the conditions people had to live in, in steerage. Wouldn’t have Dominic felt dirty before the ship, without running water and showers? I wonder how long the boat ride will be. I have a feeling it will be longer than normal because of the storm. What will happen at Ellis Island? Will Dominic travel back to the present there? Will he prove that he lived in Brooklyn, and the officials will let him in? There are so many possibilities.

  14. I CAN”T BELIEVE THAT SALVATORE DIED. He was getting better and then suddenly dropped and they lost him. Now they are on the ship and Francesco is feeling bad about leaving Violeta behind. So now they are traveling with out Salvatore or Violeta. I realized that what we just read was a very sad section of the book. I don’t understand why Violeta can’t go onto the ship. I mean she can stay on the bed most of the time and be tied there out of the way.

  15. Salvatore has died they are sad but they will keep going to America they have boarded the ship Dominic wants to show Fransesco and Antonio that in america you can play Hockey on the street and watch television and trade baseball cards and the food double fries and some burgers but then one guy said it is 1908 and then Dominic realized that they do not have this in 1908 and he wondered what america would be like. We read pgs 119-140

  16. The book is just finished they got to america but then Dominic got time traveled back to his time and a ranger was there when he woke up. It was just a dream so he told the Ranger about him and where he lives and the ranger got him back to his foster family. Then Dominic was like hello where are you Fransesco and no one answered but then a ranger answered wow you just had a big dream and we will get you back to your family and Dominic did not want to answer anything because he has a foster family

  17. We read 155-end. I had a feeling that it was going to end this way. I thought that in Ellis island he would fall asleep and wake up in the present. Then Dominic would try to find out if t was a dream or not. Then there would be a happy ending, such as there Dominic would find a good family. I thought Dominic new that his grandfather was Francesco on his lucky key. Anyway, I thought the book is good, because I thought there was a lot of action and it kept you thinking. I thought it was an interesting plot, him being an orphan and traveling back in time at Ellis Island.

  18. We read pages 155-End. I liked the book and my favorite part is when we find out that Francesco was Dominic’s grandfather. I also thought that it was interesting that the chain that Dominic had was Salvatore’s. I thought that the book was very exiting because of ll the surprises it had in it. Such as when Salvatore died so dramatically, or Violetta got left behind in Italy, and how Franceso is Dominic’s grandfather.

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