Group 4- Letters from Rifka- Isabelle, Ava, Ella, Zach and Colin

Determine the number of pages you will read. Write a brief summary of what you have read (5-6 sentences.) Then, share your thinking, wonderings and noticings in a blog post.  You must include two questions for your group to discuss.

46 thoughts on “Group 4- Letters from Rifka- Isabelle, Ava, Ella, Zach and Colin

  1. in letters from rifka they are trying to escape to poland I read pages 1-18 and in that they are in box cars escape to poland and the guards are trying to stop them to get nathan because he left the army

    • to add on to my above post the guards were inspecting rifka and they left her because she did not look like a jewish girl

      • I agree with what you said so far. I think that maybe you can explain a little bit more about how she was about to trick the guards in to thinking that she wasn’t a jew. Maybe you could take more about her blonde hair, blue eyes and her accent.

      • add to my above above post rifka was speking russian to the garuds and they did not think she was jewish

  2. Rifka is Jewish and is running away from Russia because she is miss treated. She writes to her cousin Tovah because it makes her feel better. She can usually trick the guards, because of her blonde hair and blue eyes, most jews don’t have that.

    • I agree with all that you said. You did a good job explaining your thinking. I think that maybe you could ask a question about what we read so far.

  3. In the book Letters From Rifka I leard about what is happening with Rifka and her family I lernd how poor they are and how rough it was. I am wondring why it is so rough arent you?

  4. Rifka is a Jewish girl who lives in Russia. Rifka and her family has to hide from the guards because the Jews are persecuted because of their religion. Rifka, unlike her family has blonde hair and blue eyes, while the rest of her family has dark hair and brown eyes making them look like a Jew. When the guards catch her in the train they don’t think that she is a Jew because of her appearance. When Rifka speaks Russian she doesn’t have a Yiddish accent like most Jewish people do. She is trying to make her way to America. She keeps a Pushkin that her cousin Tovah gave to her. She writes to her in the front of the Pushkin. She writes in it because it makes her feel less frightened. She knows that her letter letter will never reach her but she still feel more comfortable writing to her cousin Tovah. I wonder why the police made them take their clothes off in front of them? Even though they were Jewish it doesn’t mean their rights should be violated. I feel bad for the Jews. They must have not wanted to do it, but they didn’t want to live with persecution in Russia. I also wonder if Rifka and her family will be accepted in America at Ellis?

    • I agree with all of the points that you made in your post they had taken there clothes because they wanted to make sure they did not have a disease

  5. In the book Letters From Rifka I learned about what is happening with Rifka and her family. I learned how poor they are and how rough it was. They are trying to leave Russia to go to Poland to get to America. Jews are not being treated fairly in Russia so that’s why they want to leave. Guards are being mean to them, one was brushing Rifka’s hair (which was strange)
    The members of Rifka’s family are her mother and father, her cousin Tova , her brothers and her uncle. The story is told by Rifka writing letters to her cousin, Tova.

    I am wondring why it is so rough arent you?

  6. I wonder where Tovah is, is she already in America or is she still in Russia. I wonder why Rifkas family had to rake all their close off all at once. Will Rifka be miss treated at Ellis Island?

  7. Rifka got sick in Poland and is better now. Rifka’s parents and Nathan got very sick with the same disease called Thypus. Rifka was staying in a hotel thing with her brother Saul. Rifka is now on the train and saw a woman who was breast feeding, she made friends with the woman. The woman looked like she was beat up. I wonder why she was beat up

  8. i think rifka is scared to go outside of her room because of all of the strangers that are out there she thinks that they could be trying to find her and kill her .

  9. Why dose Rifka have ring worms that girl should not have bee on the train. Now Rifka is sick and can’t go to America. Atleast Rifka is getting better.

  10. When the milk man was helping Rifka home I was scared I was thinking what is going to happen to Rifka when she got home safely I was relieved but I did know what that did for the book? why would they need to add this in?

  11. I just read that a girl stole Rifka’s roll and herring. She met a girl on a train with a baby. She was unknotting her hair because she was going to visit her sister. When Rifka told her family was going to America she didn’t understand why she would want to move to America. The girl didn’t imagine that she would want to move to America. She imagined Poland as her home that she would never leave. Rifka for a second saw Poland the way the girl saw it, but then she didn’t see it anyone. Rifka wrote that sometimes she didn’t like growing up. She wished that she could go back to Berdichev to see her Bubbe Ruth and have her protection. But sometimes she was happy to be who she is. She is looking forward to living in America. I think it is hard for Rifka because she wants to go back to her family, but she wants to start a new life in America. I wonder how life will be like for Rifka in America? I wonder if she will still feel like she wants to go back to Russia to see her Bubbe?

  12. Rifka is staying in Belgium with a family that is part of a organization called Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, (HIAS.) Rifka is going bald and she wears a head scarf. Sister Katrina, the person who is helping her says her hair is growing back a little. Rifka has just tried chocolate and she says “It’s like taking a bite of heaven.” Rifka has also tried ice cream and banana’s, Rifka loves them! I wonder If she will find her family in America and if she will meet all 3 of her other brothers!😱😱😱

  13. Rifka is going to America and she saw the statue of liberty and is really excited to be in America I wonder if Rifka is going to be united with her family or will she get sent back to Russia

  14. That was so sad when Peiter died and she was crying. I wonder how Peiter died. She just saw the statue of liberty. Everyone was watching her.

    • I think Peiter died from the storm. I think the storm through him overboard, and he drowned in the sea.

  15. Rifka is about to go to Ellis Island. She just saw the Statue of Liberty. The passengers gathered on one side of the ship, to look at her. They were all excited to see the Statue of Liberty. She described the Statue of Liberty as Miss Liberty, a great statue of a woman standing in the middle of the harbor. She was lifting a lamp to light the way for us.” I wonder how Ellis Island will be for Rifka. Her Pa wrote to her that at Ellis Island you are neither in nor out of America. I wonder if she will pass all the tests and be accepted in America. She will also meet her three oldest brothers Reuben, Isaac, and Asher who she has never met before. Rifka seems really excited to go to America. Those times away from her Ma, Pa, and her brothers must have been hard for her. I am curious how life in America will be for Rifka if she gets accepted.

  16. Ithink rifka will not be sent back because her hair might grow back there is a 50 % chance she will get sent back and a 50 % chance she won’t get sent back to rushaa

  17. It was very happy when her hair started growing back. I did not know she would send the letters. I wonder how life will be for her in America. I hope her hair will grow back fast and she won’t be picked on for being bald.

  18. sheis able to enter america and she is with her family and now she is in america and she is abel to america

  19. Rifka and Ilya are waiting for their results. They are waiting for Dr. Askin and Mr. Fargate are deciding if they are getting sent back or going to America. They were deciding if Ilya was going to be sent back or be accepted in America. Mr. Fargate thinks that he is a simpleton because he doesn’t feed himself or talk. Rifka tells him to read the Pushkin so he can prove, to them that he can read. He stays still when Rifka asks him. He doesn’t move. After a while he finally gets the Pushkin. Rifka tells him to read. It takes sometime for her to convince him. He starts reading to them, and they allow him in America. Then Rifka gets her results. Mr. Fargate is concerned that Rifka doesn’t have any hair. He is concerned that she won’t be able to find a husband because she doesn’t have hair. Doctor Askin checks to see if her hair is growing back. Rifka says,” You Know, what does it matter if my hair grows? A girl can not depend on her looks. It is better to be clever. I learned to speak English in three weeks, you know.” She tells them that she is a good worker. Dr. Askin tells Mr. Fargate that Rifka compassion is a quality that Rifka has. He tells him that she is compassionate to Ilya. Mr. Fargate asked,”But what about when you wish to marry?” She responds by saying,” If I wish to marry, Mr. Fargate, I will do so with hair or without hair? Ilya tells Rifka to read them her poetry. She thinks that it is no use, because they are simple poems that don’t even rhyme. Ilya would not leave her. Ilya says in English to Mr. Fargate,” his, this Rifka write.” She gave in and recited her poem. Mr. Fargate was surprised that she wrote the poem. He said it was a very nice poem. He says,” Whether you wish t marry or not is no business of mine.” Doctor Askin says,” I have no doubt that if you wish to marry, you will manage to do so, whether you have hair or not.” Then Mr. Fargate stamped the papers for her permission to enter America. Her kerchief began to loosen. She was nervous that they were going to check her head again, and send her back if she had ringworm. Doctor Askin told her to take her kerchief off. She said,” Whatever it is, i’m certain it will go away.” Nurse Bowen said,” This isn’t going away.” She stretched her hand out expecting ot feel ringworm sores underneath her fingertips. She however didn’t feel the ringworm sores. She felt hair. It wasn’t much but she knew that it was growing back. She writes to Tovah that a clever girl like her was entering America. She said she would write a real letter, and by able to send the book back to her so she could read her letters. I think the theme of the book Letters from Rifka is bravery. I think this because Rifka showed bravery throughout the entire story. She was brave when she was in Ampwert, Belgium without her parents, brave when she was getting the ringworm treatment, brave when she had to leave her cousins Tovah, and Hannah, her Bubbe Ruth, and her Uncle Avram behind in Berdichev, and she was brave when she told Mr. Fargate that it didn’t matter if she had hair of not, and that a girl doesn’t depend on her looks. The theme of the story Letters from Rifka is bravery.

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