Group 3- The Orphan of Ellis Island- Gil, Max, Victoria, Emma and Orson

Determine the number of pages you will read.  Write a brief summary of what you have read (5-6 sentences.)  Then, share your thinking, wonderings and noticings in a blog post.  You must include two questions for your group to discuss.

31 thoughts on “Group 3- The Orphan of Ellis Island- Gil, Max, Victoria, Emma and Orson

  1. In the story, a kid named Dominic goes on a field trip to Ellis Island. He has no family and does not want people to know that he lives in a foster home so he hides but falls asleep. He wakes up in the night and listens to recordings of immigrants voices and he actually talked to one of the voices. He gets transported to that person’s home village in Italy. I think that Dominic is related to the person on the phone because the last names are similar and names were changed slightly at Ellis Island. Do you think so? Also, the reason they can talk might be because they are related. Do you think that too?

  2. 1-8
    I think that since Dominic is in Italy he will meet his father as a young boy and they will immigrate to Ellis Island and they will become friends. One question that I have is who is the old man on the phone and, why did Dominic’s parents leave him and if they died how did they die?

  3. Chapter 1-8 The Orphan of Ellis Island

    Dominic is a boy who is a foster child. His whole entire family has died and he didn’t have any siblings. He also is very shy. When his school goes on a field trip to Ellis Island Dominic finds a closet at goes to sleep. He wakes up and he is alone, except for the phone recordings. One of which responds to questions like a real person. When Dominic wakes up he is on a cliff that the phone talked about. I think that Dominic is related to the guy from the phone. Dominic said that he is Italian but that was just to be less embarrassed. I think that he got transported to the cliff that the guy was talking about. He woke up on a cliff that smelled like lemon. That is exactly how the mysterious guy explained it. I wonder how the guy got Dominic to the past. You never know with creepy phone people.

  4. Chapters 1-8
    Questions: How did Dominic get to Italy in 1908, and was the phone a time machine?

    The Orphan of Ellis Island, is about a boy named Dominic and he does not have a real family. He lives with a foster family, but it’s not really his actual family. The Orphan of Ellis Island is a time travel adventure, so Domanic gets sent back into time to Italy in the year 1908. I am kinda confused on what happened. First, Dominic is talking to Francesco Candiano’s on an old fashioned phone. Then, he goes to sleep, and then, he’s suddenly in Italy in 1908! I think that the old fashioned phone was a time machine, and that Dominic will meet Francesco. I also wonder about how Dominic was able to hear the peoples voices through the old fashioned phones. Were all of those phones time machines? Or were the voices just built in the old fashioned phones. This is making me think that the room where the phones are is a secret room. I also think that no one else noticed the voice coming from the phones. Will he be able to get back into his own time, or will he be in 1908 forever? Also, what will he discover?

  5. 1-8

    To add on to what I said above since Dominic is all alone because he abandoned his group at school I think he is scared and a little confused where he is because he was at Ellis Island and when he fell asleep he woke up with flowers all around him and I think he may be a little scared in the next chapter.

  6. Chapters 1-8

    This book was really confusing until I read the back. I am really shocked that Dominic was left behind, Mr. Howard should of made sure he was there. I am thinking that Mr. Howard is connected in some way to Dominic finding and talking to the old man. Mr. Howard seemed very suspicious. That might be why when Dominic lied he kept looking at him. Maybe that old man was Dominic’s great-grandfather. It does not seem very realistic that Dominic was left behind. Why would the teacher do that, did he not like Dominic?
    Dominic’s class went on a trip to the Ellis Island Museum. Dominic is an orphan and does not want his class to know. He lied about his great-grandfather coming from Italy, when he did not know, and said that his name was on the wall. (The wall is where you can donate and if you do a person who immigrated from your family will get his/her name on the wall). When it was time for the class to go to the wall he was panicked about the class finding out he lied, so he ran away and hid in a closet. When he came out it was night and the doors were locked. He had to stay there all night. To make feel less alone he picked up one of the phones and listened to the tapes of people who immigrated tell their story. When he picked up the last phone he started talking to it and it responded. It made him feel better. SO he went to bed, when he woke up he was not in the museum. He was in Italy.


    Does Mr. Howard have something to do with the man?
    Who was that man?

    • I agree that Mr. Howard should’ve made sure that Dominic was there, or else Dominic wouldn’t have gotten into this mess!

  7. Are the kids and Dominic feeling like family because they really are? What do you think happened to the giant? I think that the padrone will come after them because the sausage kid will tattle on them. The sausage kid is mean. He knows that they are poor but he doesn’t help. Instead he gets them in trouble. He could help.

    • To answer you fist question,I think the kids and Dominic feel like family because they really are. I bet Francesco is his grandfather or great grandfather

  8. 8-15
    I think that the Padrone will come and get the kids for stealing his fruit and making fun of his kid. One question I have is what happend to the giant? Did he die. I also think that Dominic will heal from the wounds and be really good at rat catching since the kids heard that the baker is giving bread if the kids catch the rats.

  9. Chapters 8 – 15
    Questions: What happened to the giant? Will Dominic survive his time in Italy?

    I wonder what happened to the giant, because since Dominic and Antonio escaped the giant. Also, Salvatore threw something in the giant’s chest, I’m curious to see what happened. Was the giant furious? Or was he okay with it, but we still wanted to kill the boys. Also, I’m curious to see if Dominic will survive his time in Italy, since he almost got killed by the giant. I also think that the brothers and Dominic will be family, because since he time traveled to 1908, and he might be able to track down some records of his family. What happened in the book is that Dominic met Francesco and his brothers to when they were still kids. They had to survive together, since Francesco and his brothers were orphans, like Dominic. And Francesco and his brothers call Dominic family now, because he was very nice to them, and they helped each other out. That’s what family does. They always got your back when you’re in trouble.

    • To add on, I wonder what will happen next, since Dominic is now “family” to Francesco and his brothers. Also, a baker is willing to take people in and give them bread rolls to people who caught rats. This will be very important to the boys, since they have to kill birds, and steal from the giants orchard to get food. I think that the boys will stick together, and look out for each other. I notice that Francesco and the brothers have been surviving a long time with no parents, and no home.

  10. Chapters 8-15

    What happened to the giant man?
    How did Dominic get to Italy?
    Why was Sausage extra mean to Dominic?
    When will Dominic get to meet Father Tomaso?

    Today we read 8-15. First I would like to start off by saying, Sausage is a person who can’t solve his own problems. I think this because he obviously had a problem with Dominic and the other boys being in his father’s orchard and stealing. Instead of solving his own problem he runs to get his daddy. He could have dealt with it himself. Sausage is not a nice person at all. He could of offered them food or let them get away. I think the giant will not come after them. I think he likes to whip them and make fun of them and scare them, so that is why he does it. I think if they run away he won’t chase them, he will wait for his next opportunity. When will Dominic get to meet Father Tomaso? I mean they were planning to go see him because he wanted to see Francesco urgently, but so far the boys have not made it. I have some other questions. What ever happened to the giant. I think he is just so shocked, not a heart attack like Dominic suggested. Why was Sausage extra mean to Dominic? I think it because Dominic is new and he never me him. I am still left with one question from last time, How did Dominic get to Italy?

  11. The Orphan of Ellis Island chapters 8-15
    What happened to Randizzi? I think that Randizzi is not dead but just stunned by the fact that someone would throw manure at him. He is supposed to be a big scary giant and didn’t expect anyone to fight back. I think they will meet again in the future.

    Is Dominic related to any of the boys? I think the boys are his great grandpa and his brothers. I think that Francesco is his great grandpa because he is the leader of the pack. Also the text says that Dominic feels like they are all family. I think they a little ironic. Francesco is the leader so I think he will be the most important.

  12. How did Salvatore die of cherry pits? How did he get a fever from it? Life was very different back then. The characters must be sad that he died. I think its carma because he killed randizi

  13. Wow, I am very surprised about what happened to Salvatore. I am very sad that he is now gone. I wonder what will happen to Salvatore’s ticket, since he was supposed to go. I wonder if Dominic will go to America, since there’s one more ticket. I also wonder if Dominic will take the key off of Salvatore’s neck before he is going to get buried. If Dominic doesn’t go to America, I wonder who that last ticket will go to. Are they just going to keep it, and Antonio and Francesco are going to go to America? I also wonder if Dominic does go to America, will he go with Francesco or Antonio? Or is he going to be the only one going to one place, and Francesco and Antonio will be going to the same family? I also wonder where Salvatore’s body will go. Will they bury it, or will they just his body into a coffin? Overall, I am very sad about Salvatore. I’m also excited to see what will happen next!!

  14. Chapters 17-23
    Will Dominic go to America? I think that Dominic will go to America with Francesco and Antonio and get with one of the families. Maybe the family will think that Dominic is Salvatore. I wonder if the family has something to do with the key? Or what could happen is that Dominic could get to America and he will be back in present time so he would just have an idea about what immigration was like.

    Where did Dominic get the key? I think that Francesco is the grand dad of Dominic. It could be possible that Francesco could have kid and name it Sal in memorial of Salvatore. It could be the same thing with Antonio but I think it would make more sense to have a bigger character have a bigger role. Francesco could take the key and give it to his son. Then the son could give it to Dominic.

  15. Questions:
    Will Dominic take Salvatore’s place and go to America? – I think he will because he has to get back to his time period in America or the book won’t ever end.
    What will happen to the key? – I think Francesco will take it and pass it down to his child when he has one. I think that is how Dominc got it, it was passed down.
    How did Salvatore die? – How could you die from eating too many cherry pits?
    How did he get Italy? – I still have that question.It was never answered.
    What will happen to Violetta? – They can’t take Violetta on the boat since she is a goat, but who will take care of her?
    If Dominic takes Salvatore’s place will he go to NJ of NY? – I think he will go to NY and Francesco and Antonio will go to NJ

    WOW!!! So much has happened. Salvatore is dead!!! Maybe it is Carma he died because he killed the giant. I wonder if this would have happened if Dominic had not gone back in time. If this wasn’t going to happen then he ruined how his family came to be.
    Maybe Salvatore dying happened on purpose so Dominic could get back to his time period. If he stayed he would never get back to his time period or the book will never end.

  16. Chapters 23-29

    Questions: Is Francesco Dominic’s grandfather? Are the boys going to pass the exams?

    Wow! I am shocked! The boys had finally reached America, and they left poor Salvatore behind. Instead of Salvatore going to America, Dominic took Salvatore’s spot. Dominic is going to go to New York, and Francesco and Antonio are going to New Jersey. I also wonder if the boys are going to pass the exams, because I don’t think that Francesco and Antonio have ever been to a doctor, so I’m curious to see what will happen. I also wonder about Dominic, because he has been to the doctor, but we don’t know how long it has been since he went to the doctor. I also wonder where Salvatore’s body is. I also thought that it was very nice that Francesco kept the key, and he said that he would wear it for him. Overall, I am very excited to read more!

  17. I feel bad for the boys in this story. They have no Parents, they are leaving their home country, their brother died, they are starving, they left Father Tomaso, And their goat. Their life must be really sad.

  18. Chapters 23-29

    Is Francesco Dominic’s Grandfather? – I think so because Francesco said he would give the key to his son, then his son probably gave it to Dominic.
    Will they pass the inspections? – I am not sure about Antonio, but I think Francesco will because then Dominic’s family won’t exit.

    They are in America!!! I am so shocked they made it, but they still have to pass the inspections. I feel bad for Francesco that he had to leave Violetta behind. I also feel bad that Salvatore did not get to go to America.

  19. 23-29
    I think Francesco is Dom’s grandfather because in the story it says that he will name his son Salvatore and his dad’s nick name is Sal.
    One thing that I think will happen is that Dom will get transported back to his past life when he touches the key that Salvatore had.

  20. The end was strange. Was it just a dream? It did not really explain everything. Was there time travel? Do you think that he will ever see his real family? The cover says “a time travel story.” The ending was still wierd.

  21. Finished

    How did he get to Italy?

    How did he get back to his time period?

    Was it a dream?

    How long was he asleep at the museum?

    Will he like his new family?

    Will his new family have a goat?

    How at the beginning of the story Francesco answered on the phone and at the end he did not it was just his story?

    Did he ever go to Italy in his life?
    If it was true did he ever meet up with Francesco and Antonio?

    I was a good book. So much has happened. I am a little bit confused though. There were some questions that were not answered.

  22. Chapters 29-33
    Questions: How did Dominic get back to his time? Was it all a dream, or was it all real?

    Today, we finished “The Orphan of Ellis Island” and I thought that it was good. The ending didn’t really answer my questions. The book didn’t really tell if it was a dream, or if it was real. If it was real, then how did he get back to his own time? That’s what I’m wondering. I am also very surprised when Dominic thought that Francesco was his great-grandfather! I also think that the key was like the most important object, because maybe it kinda told that the brothers were related too Dominic. Overall, I thought that “The Orphan of Ellis Island” was a sweet and sad story. I really liked it, and I recommend it!

  23. Chapter 29-Finish

    Will Dominic ever have a family he likes? I think Dominic will like his next family. He now knows that if he gives it a try, he can find family. also he isn’t a pessimist now. I learned that no matter what situation you are in, family always has your back.

  24. Finished
    I think that the book was very good. I learned a lot from this book. One question I have is hoe did Dom get back all the way to 1908? Another question I have is how did Dom met with his great Grandpa, I feel like this is a good book but I think that they needed to explain the time travel more.

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