Journey to America- Victoria, Emma, Kate, Julia

Determine the number of pages you will read.  Write a brief summary of what you have read (5-6 sentences.)  Then, share your thinking, wonderings, and noticings in a blog post.  You must include two questions for your group to discuss.


16 thoughts on “Journey to America- Victoria, Emma, Kate, Julia

  1. Today we read to page 29.


    Are they rich or poor?

    Today we started the book and I have so many questions. Too many to write down. I am very confused right now.
    We found out that Lisa’s family is trying to escape the Natzis, and that her father went to America.
    We also learned that the family has a lot of trials and errors. They went to Brazil but it did not work and they went back to Berlin. Now the father went to America and we are not sure if it will end up being a failed plan.
    We also figured out that Clara is their nanny. We figured that out after a long discussion.
    I think that Herr Mendel is not a good person. Lisa’s mother is right, at times like this you find out who is really good. He is not good. He just wanted money and if he was not given the money he would have told the police. And that woud have caused them some troubles.
    I can not really write a lot because I am still very confuse.

  2. Pages 1-29

    Questions: Is the family poor or rich?

    I thought that pages 1-29 were very good, but I am very confused. If the father can go to America, then how did he afford the rings he gave his daughters? I am predicting that the rings are not real, because if the jewels were real, then everyone in the family could go to America. I am also confused about when the mother and Lisa went to the post office. Is the man who said that the father owed evil? I am predicting that Lisa’s father doesn’t afford the man any money, but I think that he just wants money. I am very suspicious. Overall, I thought that “Journey to America” is a good book so far. I feel like that it can answer more questions, and that it can close up the big gaps that they left out. What happened in the book so far is that there’s a girl named Lisa, and her family. Her family lives in Germany, and the natzis are very dangerous. They need to go to America for a safer life. Lisa’s father went to America to work and send some money so the rest of Lisa’s family could go to America.

  3. Are they rich or poor?
    I was pretty confused when I read this. I mean they have a housekeeper and the daughter went to violin lessons but yet they are scared. I get that they are afraid that they will be hurt since they are Jewish but my question is why don’t they all go to America since they have money to. I am also confused about why they came back to Germany instead of going straight to America where they would be safe.

  4. Are they rich or poor? – At some points they seem very rich, but at some points they seem poor. They could afford ballet and violin lessons, but could not afford to take the whole family to America. They can afford for them to take a vacation and then go to America, but not go staright to America. They can afford diamond and emerald rings, but they can’t all afford to go to America. They have a maid, but they can’t all go to Amercica.

    Why would she take salami with her if she does not like it? – She knows they won’t starve in Switzerland. So it makes no sense.

    Why would they take Ruth’s violin if they know it would get taken away? – They knew that some of their stuff would get taken away so why did they bring the volin.

    Why would Ruth put the money in her violin case? – She knows that they are going to search her stuff so it can easily be found, and you are not allowed to take money. What she should have done was give it to Carla or her relatives, because she got no use out of it.

    The Violin – I think that she would be allowed to take the violin, but the inspector wanted it, so he took it and acted like if they didn’t they would get in major trouble. They were all so scared they handed it over.

    The Train Inspection – I don’t think it is very realistic that they are the only Jews on the train. That does not seem realistic at all.

    The Rings – I am kind of surprised that at the inspection their rings were not taken away. Maybe that inspector who was supposed to take them felt bad, so she let them keep it.

    Switzerland – I don’t think that they will make it across the boarder.

    I am still very confused about this book.

  5. We read up to the page 54. This book is still really confusing, what Sonia Levitin writes does not sound logical or realistic in this time period. One thing is that they are going to Switzerland to escape Natzi’s until they have enough money for America, so why are they spending that money on diamond rings that they know will be taken away.

  6. I really dislike Frau Strom. I don’t like how these kids are starving and Lisa has to sleep in a crib, and she spends all the money on clothing. She is such a liar. She said the agency sends her no money, and that she can’t afford to get another bed so Lisa will have to sleep in a crib. The agency does send her money, and they give here the money to replace the crib for a bed. She spneds all the money on herslef instead of the poor. I really dislike that.

  7. Chapters 5 – 7
    Questions: Will Frau Storm find out that Pop is giving the food while she was gone? Why did the Mom sell her engagement ring?
    This book is still a little bit confusing, but it is not as confusing as before. I wonder if Frau Storm will find out that Pop is giving out food, maybe she’ll come back sooner than everyone expects. I wonder, because Frau Storm maybe rain out of money. Also, I wonder why the mom sold her engagement ring! If I were the mom, then I would ask to sell Ruth and Lisa’s ring, because I feel like the engagement ring is so much more important than the rings that the Pa gave to the girls! I wonder why she did that, I thought it was wrong, because the ring was like the only thing that the Mom had to the Pa!

  8. Where are they leaving to?

    Yay! She is finally leaving. I am so happy for her because she finally gets to leave Frau Strom. I really did not like her. Who would bribe a kid to clean for chocolate? I think that is so cruel. I felt so bad for Lisa. I am so curios about where she is going. I think Werner likes Lisa, because he kept talking to her. I think they are going to America, because where elsse could they be going.

  9. Today we read to page 80. In these pages a lot has happened. Frau Platt had to send Lisa and Ruth to a charity camp, because they are now poor even though they were totally fine last chapter. The kids at the camp are treated horribly. They only get oatmeal every day and the money that should be spent on the kids she uses on shopping for herself. When she is gone they sneek over to pop who gives them food. The kids also have nothing to do at the camp. It sounds very horrible.

  10. Chapters 7 – 8
    Questions: Where is the family going? Does Ruth and Werner like each other?
    Wow! At the beginning of chapter 7, Werner said something, and Ruth blushed and looked away. I think that they like each other, and I think that they’re the same age, or around the same age. Also, I wonder where the family is going. Are they moving back to Germany? Are they going to America? I think that they are going to America, because I don’t think it would be practical to go back to Germany. If they are going to America, I wonder how long it will take from Switzerland to America. I’m sure that the family will be very happy to be reunited!

  11. Chapters 7-10
    1) Does Ruth like the people she’s staying with? – I think that Ruth is not happy with the people that she is staying with because that might explain why she is so unhappy all of the time. For example she slapped Annie just for talking about their father in America.
    While reading these three chapters, I found out so much and when I first started the book I was so confused but, the more I read the more clear the book became to me. This poor family is going through so much and finally when you think that they are all happy again and they can go to America soon, they find out that their mom is sick and she has to go to the hospital.

  12. Today we read to page 80. In these pages a lot has happened. Frau Platt had to send Lisa and Ruth to a charity camp, because they are now poor even though they were totally fine last chapter. The kids at the camp are treated horribly. They only get oatmeal every day and the money that should be spent on the kids she uses on shopping for herself. When she is gone they sneak over to pop who gives them food. The kids also have nothing to do at the camp. It sounds very horrible.

  13. Today we read to page 124. In these chapters so much has happened. The kids were pulled out of the camp because the mom found out how bad it is. So seperate families for each girl. Lisa loves her family very much, but we are not sure about the other girls. Also the mom came down with pnemonia and is currently in the hospital. Lisa has wrote a letter to her father and she told him what happened. The father said that he wanted to com e back from america which would bring them back to square one so he is staying.

    Question 1. Does Ruth like her new family?

    I don’t think that Ruth likes her new family because of her attitude. When Annie said she wanted to stay in Switzerland Ruth got really upset and slapped her. This makes me think that Ruth has a very different opinion. Also the mom said that if it wasn’t WW2 Ruth would be hanging out with friends.

  14. We finished the book today. I didn’t really like the book. I would rate it a 2. It did not really talk about the ship at all. I don’t really get that. Why didn’t they talk about the ship? They talked about the ship for like one page. It is called journey to America. Shouldn’t they talk about the journey (the ship) to America? I think they focused too much about Switzerland and not enough about the ship and America. It also had a horrible ending. Did she get settled nicely in America? We don’t know and we won’t ever know. Another thing is it was very unnecessary to mention that Annie named a doll Erica. What happened to Rosemarie? Things get bad in England, where she is. And what happens to her parents? I think everyone in Rosemarie’s family will die, because her parents are still in Germany and she and her sister are in England where it is not safe either. What happened to Clara and Lisa’s grandmother? I think Clara will survive, but they won’t ever see her again. I think that Lisa’s grandmother will die. What happens to Lisa in America? They end with, ‘Let’s go to our apartment’. That does not tell us if she got settled. I think it will be hard but she will get settled.

  15. Today we finished the book. In these last chapters, Lisa and her family got the tickets to go to America. At first they lost their forms, but luckily they were able to find it. After that the girls got passports. At the train station Lisa and Ruth were in charge of watching Annie and they failed. She got lost but luckily the mom found her. Also they each got gifts for christmas, and Lisa gets a diary like the ones we have been writing, and Annie got a doll and didn’t name it Susan!!! Then the girls got on the boat and there was a storm and almost everybody got sick. After that they reunited with their father and went home without going through inspection.

    Question 1: What will happen to Rosemarie.

    I think everyone in Rosemarie’s family is gonna die. The parents are doctors for jews and I think he will definitely be a target from the Natzi’s therefore him and his wife are going to die. If the parents die that means Rosemarie and her sister will not be able to afford school anymore so they will be stuck, poor in England. I know that later in the 40’s The Natzi’s atack England and they will not be able to escape therefore they will also die.

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