Letters from Rifka- Eli, Parker, Gil

Determine the number of pages you will read.  Write a brief summary of what you have read (5-6 sentences.)  Then, share your thinking, wonderings, and noticings in a blog post.  You must include two questions for your group to discuss.

5 thoughts on “Letters from Rifka- Eli, Parker, Gil

  1. Pages 30-61

    How long will Rifka live in Belgium? I think she will stay with the family in Belgium for a good amount of time. She will keep seeing the doctor. People said to Rifka that Belgium accepts everyone. I think that Rifka will be bullied for her appearance. She will began to think she is ugly. I think that will be a problem in Belgium. She will still stay in Belgium.

    Did Rifka do something that made the mother mad? The only reason I think that is because the mom thought Rifka wouldn’t get married. The mom always at Rifka. Also the mom felt no shame in leaving Rifka in Belgium. I thought that she would be devastated about leaving Rifka. I think she is mad about Rifka buying the oranges.

  2. Pages 61-89

    What will Rifka’s Ellis Island experience be like. I think it will be difficult for Rifka at Ellis Island. She speaks no English. Since she is bald it may look like she is sick. That is what I think will happen. They will think she has a very contagious disease that makes you bald.

    Will Rifka enjoy America? Right now it seems that Rifka has a negative attitude. She wants to go back to Russia. I think she will actually enjoy America. I think this because America is safe and has no wars or attacks going on. It is safe and happy. There are no cossacks.

  3. Pages 119-end

    What was your favorite part of the book? My favorite part of the book was when Rifka said she did not have to merry. I like this part because it shows how much Rifka has grown. At the beginning of the story she wanted to be like everyone else. I think being away from her family made her more independant.

    What will people think of Rifka in America? I think that Rifka might get bullied in America. In other stories people make fun of immigrants. Rifka also doesn’t have hair. If people don’t make fun of her for immigrating, they will for her hair.

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