Letters from Rifka- Orson, Max, Kevin

Determine the number of pages you will read.  Write a brief summary of what you have read (5-6 sentences.)  Then, share your thinking, wonderings, and noticings in a blog post.  You must include two questions for your group to discuss.

9 thoughts on “Letters from Rifka- Orson, Max, Kevin

  1. Pages 1-51
    So far, Rifka and her family have escaped Berdichev, because they want the boys in Rifka’s family to join the army, and have traveled by train to the ship to America, they were checked by a doctor. Then, Rifka helps do a girls hair, and then they reach the dock. They have to be checked by another doctor to be able to buy boat tickets. Rifka isn’t able to go to America, because she has ring worm, a skin disease, but the rest of her family are clean. They try bribing the steamship company, but they wont accept the bribe. Then, Rifka sees some oranges, and gets ripped of, buying one orange for all the money that Rifka’s mom gave her, which was quite a lot. Then, that same man accuses Rifka of stealing one of his oranges, so she gets ripped of again.

  2. Question 1: Will Rifka be cured of the ring worm, and how?
    I think yes, Rifka will recover. She will see doctors, and over time, she will be cured, but I think it will take a long time, and her family will have to leave her alone.

    Question 2: How will Rifka react to being on her own?
    I think she will be scared, but get used to it, and when she gets better from the ring worm, she’ll be able to go and reunite with her family.

  3. I wonder how Rifka will be cured of her ring worm. And why would she touch that lady’s hair and head if it was like that? I think that it was just a bad idea in general. It is sad that she is seperated from her family. It must be very scary for her to leave her family. It is not fair that they had to flee.

  4. I wonder why Saul was able to take care of Rifka
    when she was sick and why he was sort of nice to her. I think it is because he has had trachoma before and knows how hard it is to have it and that is why he didn’t get sick. I think that Rifka will not like her family in the beginning but will grow to like them and will be sad when she heals from ringworm because she will have to leave them and got to America

  5. Pages 51-71
    So far, Rifka is staying in a hotel, and being treated for her ringworm. The doctor/nurse treating for her is called sister Katrina. Rifka starts exploring Antwerp, but accidently gets lost, so a kind milkman helps her find her way, and in return, Rifka kisses his hand. Rifka has also discovered wonderful new foods like ice cream, chocolate, and bananas. Now, those are the only three foods she eats. Then one day, she sees a hat at a store she really wants, but she doesn’t have enough money, but when she does save enough, the hat is gone, so the lady at the store offers to make her a new one. Then, Rifka’s ringworm gets better, and she’s cleared to leave for America.

  6. She is really sad that she is away from her family. She even misses Saul. She finds it profound (vocab word) that people are being nice. She hated it at first but now that she has explored the city she likes it. Her wring worm is getting better.

  7. I had no idea that their were ships where everyone was treated equally. I also did not know that the sailors were nice to the people. I thought that they did not like them. When will she be off of Ellis Island? Will she grow hair?

  8. Pages 71-97
    So far, Rifka has gotten on a ship to America. The ship is nice, there are dances, good food, nice beds, music, and much more. Then, she meets and sailor called Pieter, who is super nice to her. Then, a storm hits and Rifka nearly falls of the edge, but Pieter helps her get to safety. Then, Pieter dies and Rifka is devastated. Then, she reaches Ellis island and is detained because she has no hair.

  9. Pages 97-120
    So far, Rifka’s time at Ellis Island is okay. She has learned a little bit of english and helps the nurses with the patients. She cares for a Polish baby that has no parents. Then, she meets Ilya, a 7 year old boy who is very smart. At first, he wouldn’t eat, but now, he does, and he also follows Rifka around all the time. Then, Saul visits Rifka, and Saul and Ilya have a small fight. Then, Saulf and Rifka talk, and Rifka gives Saul some leftover money she has, and tells Saul to give it to mother and father. Then, mother comes and they talk. Rifka is worried about her hair, it still isn’t growing back, and Ilya isn’t getting any better.

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