Letters from Rifka- Blair, Leah, Ryan, Matt and Jeremy

Determine the number of pages you will read.  Write a brief summary of what you have read (5-6 sentences.)  Then, share your thinking, wonderings, and noticings in a blog post.  You must include two questions for your group to discuss.

16 thoughts on “Letters from Rifka- Blair, Leah, Ryan, Matt and Jeremy

  1. I read pages 1-20 and I learned that Rifka and her family were trying to escape manly because Rifka’s brother was going to be sent to the army, and her other brother escaped from the army to tell them. I learned that the guards were very mean, by stealing their candlesticks. I wonder what would happen to the man who said that his factory got broken in. Would they do something to him when they found out that he wasn’t telling the truth?

  2. I think that Rifka was very brave to keep the guards stalling. I also think she has a bad temper which won’t be good in her case in Poland… I also think that if it weren’t for her uncle they wouldn’t be able to get on the train and leave. I think that in Poland she is going to get mad and thrash out. This will put her family in danger and I think her Pa or someone will pay the price for it. I think after that she would feel VERY guilty. I think that someone from her family will get caught or sent back somewhere around Poland or Ellis Island. I think that Rifka is brave enough to find her 3 brothers on her own. Any thought?

  3. In the diary entry we read today, Rifka was talking with the guards about the ‘fat German pilot’ and pretending not to be Jewish, because she does not look or sound Jewish.
    The last thing in the entry was that she caught up to the train and got on it.
    I think that Rifka is trying to get away by pretending she is not Jewish.
    I think that she is trying to get to America by getting on the train.

  4. I think what pages 1 to 20 were mostly about Rifka’s family leaving Russia because of her brother going into the army. What I think what will happen is that there will be a pogrom or German soldiers will come and they will have to find some where to stay in.

  5. I also think that if her brothers get caught she would blame herself and be very sad along with the other family member of the family. If that even occurs I think that her Ma or someone would be too sad to move on and she has to gain the courage to push her family to America. I think that Rifka thinks it’s going to be easy peasy when she is going to have to take charge and maybe learn something about herself and become a whole new person.

  6. I think that today in what we read was a little strange because Rifka kept saying “breast”.
    I was a bit confused on the part where Rifka had the disease, and I thought she was going to the hospital because she was sick, but it was her family who was sick. Also, when she was in the room with the in keepers daughter made no sense because I was confused about why she was there.

  7. What I think about pages 20-41 was that Rifka may not want to go to america because she realized that Poland is actually pretty nice which makes me think that she may not want to leave Poland.

  8. I read pages 20-40 and I was wondering what were the chances that Rifka and her family would survive from typhus. I also wonder why if you had typhus before you would be immune to it. Her family doesn’t want to go back no matter what. I know this because when Rifka had typhus and the doctor said that she may not survive and she should go back, her family said no to going back.

  9. I think that Rifka is happy that she got to talk to the milkman, because he reminded her of her Uncle Zev. I can tell Rifka is also happy that she is living in a nice house. I think Rifka has made a new friend, as in Sister Katrina. I think Rifka really likes Sister Katrina. I think Rifka is sad that her hair is gone, and from her explanation of Tova, I can tell she misses Hannah and Tova a lot.

  10. I think the big event that happened today was that Rifka’s family left her and now she is in kind of like foster home and it’s called HIAS. What I what will happen is that rifka will get a job and she will try and earn enough for America.

  11. I wonder what color hair will Rifka hair will be when she grows it back. Will it still be as pretty as it once was? I think the milkman was very kind to help Rifka find her way back to King Street. I wonder why she was scared when she saw the golden teeth. I wonder why in all of the immigration books that we have read, there always is this one giant. Is there this belief that every village has one? It is pretty strange. I wonder if back then, people were taller than they are today.

  12. I think that all of the bad things that Rifka had happened to her had pros and cons. When she got the hair sickness she had to stay home and be separated from her family. Not to mention her trip to America is delayed. A pro that can come out of this is that now she learned her lesson and will be more careful around people with sickness and think ahead of time. I also think that she will be more careful around people who might be trying them for their money like that old man did. What that old man did was wrong but unfortunately there are more people out there like him so now she can be less foolish and not give them all her money. Out of all of the bad things that she had gone through just will make Rifka stronger and her stamina will be stronger as well. Also her endurance will be stronger too. Rifka will learn from her mistakes and this horrible trip so that she will become a smart, intelligent and clever women when she grows up.

  13. I feel bad for Rifka because she loved Pieter and Pieter loved her, but then Pieter died overboard. I think that if I was in that terrible storm I would feel very scared. I also feel as if Rifka is almost “rich” because she has the fancy hat and is in first class, and that she has chocolate, bananas, and ice cream.

  14. I never knew that there were bananas, ice cream, and chocolate. I thought that the place where Rifka stayed was very nice. I wonder if Rifka gave the doctor the flowers when she left. I never knew that there were smaller ships, where there was no steerage, or first and second class. I knew that the ship was going to more likely to get damaged. I think that Pieter was very brave to save Rifka, and Rifka didn’t no where to go at that time. I wonder when Pieter got thrown overboard by a wave. How did the ship not sink when it was broken and in the middle of the ocean? I wonder what Rifka’s parents where thinking when they didn’t see Rifka.

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