49 thoughts on “A Long Walk to Water

  1. I am liking Salva’s story more because there is more adventure and it is more exciting where nothing crazy has happened with Nya’s story yet but a lot of of stuff has happened with Salva.

  2. I like Salva’s part better, because it shows all he’s going through. Nya’s part is pretty short, and there isn’t much that she does. In Salva’s part though, it shows everything his group is going through, and what he’s going through.

  3. I enjoy Salva’s story more, because the story is more challenging, exciting. However, Nya’s story also face challenges, especially the water.

  4. I like salva’s story better because it seems like she has had a harder sadder life as her school was literally just dead in the middle of the shootings and she doesn’t know where her family is and they could be dead.

  5. I’m enjoying Salva’s part more. I’m enjoying his more because it’s more suspenseful and more interesting due to the action and fright.

  6. I like Salva’s story more because his story is more interesting and so far he has a longer part. His life is harder than Nya’s life. That’s why I like slva’s story better

  7. I am enjoying Salva’s because his part is about a more interesting topic, the Sudanese war. It also builds up suspense and is very exciting

  8. Salva’s part is more interesting so far i think Nya’s part is getting more interesting i wonder what is going to happen.

  9. I like Salva’s story better because there is a lot more travelling,suspense,and action. I also like it more because the thought of going all this way and surviving makes me think of the people that Salva walks with are determined to get to the Ethiopia.

  10. I enjoy Salva’s story more because he has a harder life and it is very suspenseful. I always end up being anxious for more of Salva’s part, wondering what will happen next. Although I like Salva’s part better, Nya’s part has become more interesting because her sister became ill. So even though Akeer is better now, I wonder if her illness will take a turn.

  11. I enjoy Salva’s part more because it is more suspenseful and I always want to know whats going to happen next. Will he find his family?

  12. I like both stories because even though Salva’s story has more going on in it Nya’s story, Nya’s story is just as interesting and good in a different way because Nya’s is about her walking to water and how hard it is and her sister’s sickness so I like it

  13. I am enjoying Salva’s story more because I feel that His parts of the story have more action. I also think that Nya’s parts are interesting. but in my opinion not as much as Salva’s

  14. I am enjoying Salva’s more because his is more interesting to me because it is exciting. It is exciting because there is a lot more happening in his parts. There is a lot more suspenseful parts in his. Salva’s parts also is better to me because he is in a lot more trouble.

  15. I like Salva’s story more because his story is more interesting and so far he has a longer part. His life is harder than Nya’s life. That’s why I like Salva’s story better. Chapter by chapter Nya’s story is getting more interesting, but right now Salva’s story is the most interesting.

  16. I like salva’s story better because it has more advencher than nya’s because before it was all normal for her until her sister got sick and she had to go to the docter to get medison for her to get her better. On the other hand salva’s part is how there is a war and he has lost his family for a few months now and I want to find out what happens to him. So that is why I think salva’s part is better.

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