During  science my science team and me got some bolts, wires, battery,battery holders,paperclips. because the bolt was not a magnet but it was metal. but we new what to do to make the bolt to a magnet. so we got the battery holder and put the battery in the battery holder then we attached the rope to the battery holder and made it touch the battery inside of the battery holder and then we we raped the rope allover the bolt and the put the paper clips on the bolt and they stocked because of the power in the battery we made the bolt in to a magnet so the paper clip stayed on the bolt.



Magnets Meaning

Today during science we learned about magnets by to different stations.  I learned that magnets can be so cool because there is a force in them because when one side touches another they smash together (attract) but when the other side touches another the magnet force doesn’t stick together (repel).  If you put a strong magnet on a table and then if you hold one under the the table you can move the magnet on the top of the table.

The London Trip

 “Where are we going?” I said to my dad. “To London”. We were going on a plane and we were in first class. The walls were bright white I was so excited “the food was so good” my dad said. It was an important trip because It was my first time going to Londen but my dad had been there before.

My eyes were wide open. My face was frozen when my dad said they had fudge cookies and cake. I loved the plane. It looked stunning we sat down on our beds I got a bed next to the window. And I had a great view of the clouds it looked amazing. I brought my phone and watched videos on my phone when it was bedtime I went to sleep.

In the morning we arrived in England we got off our plane and ubered to the hotel. I was very blown away. we put everything down at the hotel and went to see Queen Elizabeth guards. They were holding guns and standing very still.

Then we went to the London Eye I was very excited it is a giant ferris wheel we were so high. I loved the ferris wheel you could see all of London. I could see Big Ben the big clock.

After me and my dad went to lunch and it was so good we had mashed potatoes it was an amazing trip then me and my dad went shopping I love Londen.