I should call and text on my phone.

I have noticed that some of my friends can text and/or have an email account. I feel left out not being able to text or have an email. I see everyone talking on their phones and feel so sad not being able to. Most of my friends can. I believe I should text and have an email account on my phone.

Don’t you want me to learn to be more responsible? If l can text and call on my phone I will become more responsible. I will know or if it’s a good time to text or not. I need more practice being more responsible and the best way for me to do that is for me to text. For instance Serena’s dad saw a video and someone was texting near a fountain, then when she was texting she fell in the fountain. I would be embarrassed if I were her. I won’t be like that if I had practice. Some parents believe that if kids have an email they would stay up so late and text their friends. However I’m responsible enough not to do that, and I’ve shown you that in many ways, and I promise not to stay up late and text my friends I will text when you say I can.   

I should be able to keep in touch with you more. It’s important to me. If you don’t let me get an email, then I will never keep or be in touch with you. For example if I’m lost I can call you. If I don’t then I might be lost forever and I’ll miss you so much. Another example is that if there is any change you can tell me.

I can be more independent if I can text or call. It’ll help my knowledge a lot, because if I am more independent, then I won’t ask many questions. For instance if I was sick I could text or call my friends to see what I missed, without bothering you, so then you could relax more. Lastly if I don’t have a piece of homework I could call my friend to send me a picture of it then I could print it out and once more without disturbing you.                                                                    

I should obviously be able to text and call on my phone. Texting and calling on my phone would raise my level of responsibility. Next I should be able to keep in touch with you whenever I want. Lastly I will much more independent. If you have been thinking of having me doing something instead of going on my ipad, then texting and calling on my phone is the answer.

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