Frankie & fanuccis

Franckie & Fanuccis is a great place to go! I love to go there and I love their food! it is in ┬áthe Scarsdale Village. It is very quiet. They are kids friendely. They have a kids menu and everything. It is a great place to bring your family. It also has great desserts. They are clean all the time. Also if you for some reason don’t like the desserts Peach Wave is right around the corner. Also they mostly never run out of the food you love. Every time I go there I get Mac&cheese and they never ran out of it. It has great servise too. Here is a link to the menu!!!!

2 thoughts on “Frankie & fanuccis

    1. Yes I would love to go there together sometime over the weekend soon! Thank you for commenting on my blog!


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