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Temporary Life-size Candy Land Delights Fans at California’s Santa Monica Pier                                                                                                             

Sourse Dogonews 

Summery – Did you now that April 5th was National Caramel day? Well it was! Sense caramel is a sweet they decided to make a life-size candyland board game. The fun and entertaining life-size board game was created because there is this company that sells caramel and it is called “ Werther’s Original” they want people to remember these original flavors and to enjoy them. This was open for only a day though. It was open from 10am to 6pm. To get in, it was free! WOW, and they even had free samples of the caramel flavors there were different stations and at each station there was a different prize, that was one of them. Another one was were there was a chocolate lake and you had to fish in it to get your prize. That sounds like fun.


Now let’s talk about the board game, candyland. The person who created it there name was, Eleanor Abbott, she was retired school teacher. She made candy land in 1948. She made candyland in the hospital! WOW! As soon as people started buying it, it was a hit. The marden game of it is different, but it is still a hit. It is one of the world”s most popular board games. It sells more than one million copies a year! WOW! That is a lot.



Personal response – I chose this article because I like candy land and it is a good board game. If you have not played it yet you should go and play it! When I read this article I was fascinated by how people could make a board game in the hospital! That just goes to show you can do whatever you put your mind to! The board game that she made also made the hospital kids happy! It is a double win. For her and the hospital kids. Do you want to make a board game when you grow up? I want to make kids happy so yes! What do you think


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