Raccoon Climbed Up A Minnesota Building!

Title: Raccoon rescued after climb up Minnesota Office Building

Date: June 14, 2018

World Type: National

Summery: This Raccoon was not just found out in the wild and pushed over to the building and forced to climb it. This raccoon was rescued and then climbed the building. This raccoon was the only raccoon to ever climb a 25 story office building. Another raccoon before this was also a raccoon who climbed something tall. This raccoon climbed 699 feet up a construction crane. This raccoon though was able to make it down safely. The other raccoon, this one needed help to get down it went down an elevator. Normally raccoons climb trees and small structures, but no one ever though that a raccoon would climb such a tall and big building. The thing that makes raccoons climb is if they get scared. When raccoons get scared they some how think that they should climb. Which is okay, but I do not get why or how they do it. The reason that they think that he climbed up was because people were scaring him and as you now when raccoons get scared they start to climb. That is exactly what he did. When he started to climb people were so freaked out that he could do this and I do not blame them. This was a really coll, rare, and fascinating event that happened in Minnesota. The building that the raccoon climbed was in downtown St. Pauls. This raccoon soon became a social media star all around the globe. After this event was over the committee that captured the raccoon got it back on the top of the building and then went back down to the bottom by using the elevator. The animal was very healthy and a good animal. So after it climbed the 25 story building it was soon released back into the wild. This raccoon was a very good raccoon and a star raccoon, but it would not be fare if we did not return it back to its home, the wild. This raccoon was an awesome raccoon maybe the coolest there is. 

Personal Response: I chose this article because I thought that it was pretty cool that a raccoon was able to climb a building that high and so was everyone in Minnesota, if I lived in Minnesota I would so beg my mom to go and see it in real life and I think that she would say yes because she would what to do the same and so would my sister and brother and dad. This is pretty cool because most of the time people think that raccoons are just gross disgusting garbage animals. And people have to leave their garbage bags closed so that the raccoons can not get to it. But I have changed my mind, and so should you.

Tweet: Every thing in this life has a part to share and this is raccoons (I think) climbing buildings, and dumping garbage bags over to eat from them! YAY raccoons! #foxmeadowpride @Watington post – HS

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