4th Grade

                                                                                                        4th Grade 

Anyone who is going into 4th grade will love it. In 4th grade you do a lot of fun things including revolutionary war book, current events, and colonial time things. All of these things are fun and interesting things that you will do in 4th grade. One of the most important things that you need to do in 4th grade is to have a lot of fun with everything that you will do in 4th grade.

When you are in 4th grade you will do a lot of fun things, but one of the most fun things is the American Revaluation books. In the American Revaluation books you will learn and write all about the revolutionary war, and how we got our independence. This was one of the most fun things because we got the draw and express our feelings about the revolutionary war, and how we got our independence. We started out with assigned things to research, but then we went our own ways and all ended up with great books about the revolutionary war.

If you now news, then you now that the quickest why to get it is by a article. Well another way to get news is by your fellow classmates. So we desisted that we had a number order that every day in number order that we would go on places that have articles and write about it and report it to our class. We all did a great job so I think that you will too. It was a fun and entertaining way to get to now the news for whats up in the world.

As you might now way before modern days we had colonial times and those days were very hard you had to make everything and about everyone was a farmer. So we did a project with the green screen and that was super fun. I think you will like it too.

All of these things were fun things that we did in 4th grade and I hope that you will like them too! Tell me in the comments what you think about 4th grade and what you think about my post! Thank you for reading my post!


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