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Heather’s Personal Essay


Most people think that friends are just friends, plain old friends, but friends are 100% more important than you think, because you can tell them anything, they invite you to play with them, and most of all they make you feel better. Read on, to find out why these things make friends  100% more important than you think. I hope buy the end you agree with me that friends are 100% more important than you think.


The first reason that friends are 100% more important than you think is that, you can tell them anything. For example, one day at school I was having a fight with someone, than Joanna (one of my friends and sister) came up to me and asked,” What is wrong?” Even though I was upset I still managed to tell her the whole story without telling her,” I do not want to finish the story. Goodbye.” That is one example that I told my friend something I didn’t want to, but I did. My friends are there for me. My friends are there when I am hurt. . My friends are like my sheids.  


The second reason that friends are 100% more important than you think is, they invite you to play with them. One time I let someone in, and someone let me in. I asked Joanna (because she was the mom, in the game),” Can I play family with you?”

In response she said,” Yes. What do you want to be?”

I answered,”Great. Can I be the youngest baby or just a baby please?”

Joanna said,” You can be the youngest baby, now let’s play.”

“Great,” I said. As I looked around I saw Cami, who looked lonely. So I went over and asked her,” Do you want to play family with me?”

She responded,”Yes.”

“ Great,” I said “What do you want to be, I am the youngest baby?”

Cami said,” Can I be your twin.” So I asked Joanna and she said,”Yes.”So I told Cami the good news and then we all played happily together. My friends are there when I am scared. My friends make me laugh. My friends never doubt me.


Even though my friends invite me to play with them, and you can tell them anything. The most important reason that friends are 100% more important than you think is, that they make you feel better. One example of this was that I was hungry and I had nothing to eat, even my snack was stolen earlier in the day. I told Joanna, and first she offered me her snack, that she had not ate yet. I turned away the offer though, that was a bad choice though, I guess I wanted real food (like fruits and vegetables.) Later she tried again, but this time offered me her banana. I turned away the offer. Again. Finally at the end of recess, Joanna convinced me to go ask Mrs. Newnan (the lunch aid) for something to eat. Guess what I got. A banana, how funny is that. I could have taken Joanna’s when she first offered it to me. My friends are there whenever I need them. My friends are inspiring. My friends are trustful.


I can tell my friends anything. My friends let me play with them. Most of all, my friends make me feel better. My friends are good friends. These are just some of the reasons why friends are 100% more important than you think. There are a ton more so go find them. Well you are at it, go find one of your friends and say,” Thank you.”

Picture of friends. Friends are like cookies and cupcakes, sweet.  Friends are 100% more important than you think.

Here is a video of way friends are so important


Heather’s favorite things!!!!

If you are looking for something to do, well I’m about to tell you some of my favorite things to do so hopefully I can help you with that. 1. Gymnastics. I love gymnastics whenever I get a chance I do it.[the safe ones.] 2. Spending time with my family. I love spending time with my family because I get to talk about my positive day.

10 thing about me

10 things about me that you probably didn’t know


  1. I have been on tv on a weather channel, on channel 4
  2. I have been bullied many times in my life, and the worst happened this year in fourth grade
  3. At school my nickname is Sugar
  4. I am terrified of Spiders and rollercoasters
  5. I am very sensitive
  6. My favorite topic in school is writing
  7. I play piano
  8. I am jewish
  9. My family used to be immigrants
  10. I started blogging in 3ed grade


I’m Back

I’m Back!!


Are you excited to read some new posts of mine? Because I’m ready to write them, I’m back!

I love swimming, I’m even on a swim team called Badgers, it’s so much fun. I had my first swim meet two weeks ago, on Sunday, and even though I didn’t get 1, 2, or 3ed my coach said I did very well and either way I was proud of myself, but this week I got 2ed on 50 breaststroke,  my best stroke.

I also love, love, love traveling, I love traveling to new places, one of my favorite family traditions is to go to Nevis during Winter Break. It’s so much fun there because it’s warm and I get to see monkeys ( my favorite animals ever!) and sometimes monkey families.


I love cats and kittens. I used to have a cat, but she died when I was in 1st grade. Now I have a kitten who is smaller and healthy and she’s a alley cat, her name is Ruby, but I call her Rubiny or cutey.

 by, Kitten Lady

I love learning because I get to learn something new every day and I like that, I also want to be a teacher when I grow up so I have to learn and love school to do that.


I sure hope you’re ready to read my new posts, this year, be sure to comment about what you think about my posts, and if you want comment about suggestions about what I can do to make it better I don’t care because I love revising, see you when I write my next post! Bye.


All about the best Heather!

Hi my name is Heather! I was born in New York City. In my free time I like to play with my sister and also, sometimes like to go shopping for clothes. I’m 9 years old. I love learning about history and about Cleopatra and other famous people. I love gymnastics. I love helping people too. My favorite thing to do is to spend time with my family and to do gymnastics around the house. My mom’s name is Stacey, my dad’s name is Rich, my sister’s name is Joanna, my brother’s name is Bradley. The cat that I have now is named Ruby the cat that I used to have that died name was Lucy. My favorite thing to do on my iPad or phone is to play rolling sky it is really fun to play. My favorite books to read is Cleopatra, she is very interesting. My favorite food is smiles they are a type of french fries. I hope had fun reading my blog.